Chances are you might have heard the phrase “farm to table”. Restaurants and grocery stores have used this to inform consumers that what they sell or the ingredients they use are of the freshest. Restaurants and grocery stores that claim they are farm to table mean that they directly acquire the product from the farmers themselves, letting the consumers know where the food they are serving their family came from. Establishments following this approach assures their customers that their food is fresh, safe and that they are advocates of agricultural fair trading.

It’s good for the environment

Even if you are not that concerned about the environment (but you really should be), supporting farm to table grocery stores would positively impact the environment without you not having to do so much, just shop at a different store.

Shopping at a farm to table grocery stores would do you better actually because the produce is fresher since the food would not have to be shipped or transported a long distance. With this process gone, air pollution resulted from the transporting and shipping of the produce is eliminated.

It’s safer

When you shop at a farm to table grocery stores, the grocery store owner would most likely know the farmer or where the produce came from. They could guarantee that what you are buying is safe since they personally know the person responsible for growing the produce that they are selling to their customers.

There are numerous foodborne illnesses that we need to be wary of which could be the result of contaminated food or improper food handling. So, patronizing a farm to table grocery store that sells fruits and vegetables, seafood, meat, chicken, and other poultry for sale would ensure that you and your family would have the freshest food. You would not fall victim to food infested with bacteria, viruses and or parasites that could make you sick.

It’s cheaper

Since the expenditures for transporting and shipping the produce is eliminated, the food could be offered at a more affordable price. Fuel consumption is also minimized. Packaging costs are also non-existent since the produce should not be packaged and sealed since the journey from the farm to the store is fleeting.

It’s a great way to increase your fruits and vegetable intake

Honestly, seeing fresh fruits and vegetables instantly makes us want to eat healthier. When we see apples that are so red, lettuce leaves that are crisp and not wilted and plump tomatoes, we could not help but buy them because they look so fresh and flavourful. Since all fruits and vegetables sold at farm to table restaurants are fresh, you would be encouraged to add more fruits and vegetables to your daily servings.

There is a misconception that anything organic is expensive. You only need to find food that is locally produced to make sure they are more affordable since the cost for food to be at your table is significantly cheaper.

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