In the recent few months baking has become many people past time. Maybe it is due to the easiness and convenience or just everyone’s love for pastries and sweets, baking has truly taken off for those invested in it. One of the most common types of side hustles have started with home bakes.

Those who enjoy it and are actually good at turning out these sugary treats have been able to have successful side hustles that have even become their full-time business. If you are a home baker looking to earn some extra cash or you think you are ready to open up your own bakery or pastry shop here are a few things we think you should consider.

What Is Your Niche or Business Plan?

Baking and pastry shops are now extremely common so you need to decide what sets you apart. While some stick to the sweet treats of cupcakes others tries out breads, pies, pastries and more savory items. Whatever it is though try to be as original as possible maybe in terms of packaging, flavours, designs and presentation. Research your competitors and use their clients as a base to find your own.

Equipment and Ingredients

When you commit to taking orders and promote your business as one you will need to be equipped to handle the quantity. This is when you will need a proper inventory for your ingredients and how much you will need to budget for it. The best solution would be to find direct suppliers for each of the ingredients needed.

This way you are able to get it at a cheaper cost and also ensure a trusted periodic method of measuring inventory. Depending on what your niche is, you will need to get supplies and equipment accordingly. You may need bread making supplies such as mixers and different spoons and trays. Similarly, cupcakes or dessert will need icing tools, different baking trays etc.

Design an Efficient System

It is one thing to bake but it is anentirely different story when it comes to packaging, delivery, customer care and taking in orders. You will need a plan on how you are going to cover all areas needed. Will you have delivery or only pickup, is your packaging sustainable, how many orders will you be able to take up at a given time and even how long you need to prepare for an order.

These are all logistical problems you will need to think through before getting into full operation. Another suggestion would be to consider if you need another person for support such as inventory, budgeting and even baking. Additional help is always better if you are finding it difficult to coordinate all areas.

Don’t Be Afraid to Promote Your Brand

Many find uncomfortable to promote their brand to friends and family, but with the competition a little word of mouth can help. Be sure to sell your brand, products or services with confidence.

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