We have heard numerous times how eating a balanced diet is one of the fundamental ways we could be healthier. There are numerous diseases that could be prevented just by eating right and being physically active. Just being conscious of what we eat, we improve our cholesterol and sugar level and reduce our blood pressure because we manage our body’s weight and control our sugar and salt intake.

For people who made the choice to eat healthier, they opt to eat granola for breakfast. But is granola really healthy? What are its numerous health benefits?

Granola is high in fibre

Granola is mixed with various ingredients such as nuts, dried nuts, honey, chocolate chips, etc. One of the health benefits of eating granola is that it is rich in protein and fibre. This is recommended for those who need help in emptying their stomach and help in digestion. Not only is granola high in fibre, it is also filling which is why it is also prefer by people who are dieting since the granola aids in appetite control.

Granola is rich in antioxidants

You might have heard or read or seen how we all need to consume antioxidants because they are substances that help slow down damage to our cells caused by free radicals. We could get antioxidants from natural or artificial sources. Granola is usually blended with nuts, chia seeds and other ingredients that are rich in antioxidants.

Since different brands manufacture granola with assorted ingredients, you have to read the nutrition labels to find the granola brand that has all the ingredients you are looking for. If you are eating granola because you are trying to limit your sugar intake, go for a brand that has oats, seeds, nuts and dried fruits such as orange coconut granola. Avoid those with sweeteners or chocolate chips unless you are looking for a protein source or you want your source of fibre to be tastier.

Granola is an energy booster

Granola is also marketed for those who lead an active lifestyle because it is an energy booster. Athletes, gym rats and hikers often have a granola bar in their possession because granola provides the body with manganese, an important mineral that we need for our body to function properly. With granola as the source of manganese, our liver and kidneys are cared for during metabolic activities and we have the necessary energy to sustain our rigorous activities.

Granola is a source of iron

Anaemic people could also benefit from eating granola since it has a significant amount of iron. The next time you are feeling tired or you experience intestinal disorders or you are suffering from headaches, try and eat granola to counteract these symptoms that might be because of deficiency of iron in your blood. Once you feel better, look for granola brands that are further enriched with iron supplements.

Another benefit of granola is that they are affordable and you could prepare your own mix depending on your preferred ingredients. They are also handy and easy to eat since they come in bars and other pre-packaged forms.

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