Outdoor kitchens have become more popular in the recent years and this offers an opportunity to homeowners to extend their living space as well. In this article, we will look at how you can design your outdoor kitchen with a custom woodfire pizza oven.

You need to first consider

The available space in your outdoor space and the budget you can allocate for this project. You have to measure the available space precisely and note any existing structures, utilities and landscaping features present. You have to then decide how much space can be allocated to the kitchen. Think about the activities that will happen in this outdoor space. There can be cooking, dining, relaxing and even recreation. You can adjust the space by adding the functions you want. You need to have a budget for your outdoor kitchen project and this should include the cost of materials, appliances, labour and additional features you want to include. You can visit politowoodfireovens.com.au to check woodfire pizza oven options that can be included in the kitchen.

You have to choose the right location for the pizza oven.

This will have a big impact on the flow and functionality of the kitchen. You have to position the oven in a central location so that it can be easily accessed. You have to consider how close this is to the indoor kitchen and whether you can use pergolas, shade trees to add to the ambience. The materials of the kitchen should be chosen for their resistance to corrosion, heat and moisture. You can choose concrete, stone, brick and steel for this. And when it comes to the pizza oven, you have to choosematerials with high heat retention and insulation such as clay or refractory brick. These materials are able to withstand the high heat generated by the wood fire and this will help maintain consistent cooking temperatures as well.

You need to have functional featuresin the kitchen so that you can increase usability.

There has to be a sink, storage cabinets, prep areas, countertops and you can use appliances such as refrigerators and built-in grills. You have to think about how you will use this space and the amenities that are best suited for your cooking. If you plan to have large gatherings, you will need to have sufficient space for seating and dining. You can even have a bar area where you can serve snacks and drinks. The layout has to be arranged in such a way that it minimises unnecessary steps. This will contribute to a smooth workflow for prepping, cooking and serving. The oven has to be at a comfortable height so that you can easily access and use it. There has to be space for storing tools, firewood and cooking accessories nearby as well. You can use ventilation features, lighting and shade to improve comfort of this space. Some personal touches you can add are accessories, furniture, outdoor lighting and landscaping.