Do you know anyone who is a pizza lover, who has serious principles when it comes to pizza? Pizza lovers are surely a fun bunch to talk to and get to know, especially about how much their pizza means to them. Here are a few things that almost every pizza lover has in common.

No Sharing!

Sharing is out of question! If there is one thing a pizza lover is not willing to do ever, it would be sharing their pizza. Pizza lovers are not going to enjoy guests barging in while they sit and savour hot pizza that just got delivered to the door. The idea of having to share their pizza is not something that any pizza lover would consider.

Pizza Any Time!

Pizza lovers can have pizza anytime, no matter what the mood or circumstance. They can have pizza for lunch, dinner, or breakfast, in fact they would love to and would only wish they could have it that way, everyday! Yes, it may sound more like a craze, but that is how real pizza lovers think!

They Usually Have Favourites

Every pizza lover always has a favourite or two that they would not get tired of and that they crave often. These favourites and preferences could be connected to flavours, toppings, or type. For instance, one might love wood fired pizza and want them from the specific places that offer artisan wood fired pizza in Melbourne. When pizza lovers crave their specific favourite, they would go to any extent to fulfill it.

Pizza Places are Emergency Contact

All favourite pizza joints are always on top of the emergency contacts when there is no food at home. There is always something about the pizzas that are ordered in an emergency, or so all pizza lovers say. Somehow, they are tastier, more enjoyable, and a lot more satisfying compared to eating in normal circumstances.

Eat Pizza to Cheer You Up

As mentioned above, pizza is an anytime food for pizza lovers. However, they also say that pizza is great for cheering themselves up when they feel blue. Is it not true, when it comes to favourite food? You don’t have to binge eat to feel happy. Simply order in, and you will find your sorrow going away the moment you hear the doorbell.

A Whole Pizza is No Big Deal

Eating a whole pizza is completely normal, to pizza lovers at least. They would eat a whole pizza if they feel like, and it is not a thing to be surprised about or find odd. The best part is there is zero guilt and just pure enjoyment in eating a whole pizza. Pizza lovers are made to feel no guilt when it comes to diet.

A Pizza Lover Loves Every Other Pizza Lover

A pizza lover would always get excited when they meet fellow pizza lovers. Nothing could make them happier than meeting someone with the same feelings as themselves whom they could sit and enjoy a slice of pizza with.

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