Winter only means one thing: it’s umbrella time!

Note: This guest post comes courtesy of the wonderful Jaz at RedDolls. Jaz is a thirty something mum dreaming of having some kind of life. Red Dolls is that – find fashion, recipes, beauty and health, shopping tips and occasional rants and giggles and I can’t recommend her blog enough!

There’s something about umbrellas that makes me feel smug; when it’s pouring rain, staying dry as a bone whilst everyone else gets soaked.  And when the sun is down beating down and I have my own personal pocket of shade that goes everywhere I do, I also feel smug. Smug. As. That is, assuming I’ve actually remembered to bring my umbrella and haven’t left it at the bottom of cupboard where it usually lives, in which case I’m in the same boat as everyone else and not at all smug,  rather spewing in fact. There are a plethora of umbrellas out there, not only umbrellas but parasols too. Don’t even get me started on the parasols! But since this is a winter post, umbrellas will simply have to do.


  1. Torch Umbrella – number one on my list because it’s the cheapest and it comes with a torch, my inner stinge is happy. $19.95
  2. Australiana – do you think they have a “I love Kalgoorlie” umbrella? $19.95
  3. Rainbow – be the pop of colour in a sea of grey. $29
  4. Cats – because staunch cat lovers are out there, everywhere…. $34.95
  5. Changes colour when wet – how cool is that? Not sure if it is actually raining? Got a rainbow? Yep, it’s raining alright! $34.95
  6. Blue Dahlia – dramatic and romantic. $59.95
  7. London – haven’t quite got enough pennies to see the real thing then this is a close second. $54.95
  8. Monet Garden – there is always room for fine art, even on an umbrella. $54.95
  9. Frilly – like to buck the trend or simply like anything utterly girly then this is for you. $44.95

Georgia: Oooh, umbrellas for every budget – I’m particularly smitten by the one that changes colours when wet! Thanks Jaz. Hey everyone, you can visit Jaz at her blog, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!