Unemployment: Third time's a charm.

Unemployment: Third time’s a charm.

This is my third round of unemployment and my first by choice. (The first was six months long after graduating from university and the second was when I was made redundant from my first job at the end of 2012, which is infamously recorded here.)

So needless to say, I’m a bit of an expert on unemployment. Actually, a bit is an understatement… I’m the bloody CEO of Unemployment at this point.

While I knew the risks of going back to school and having to start from scratch on the job front when I graduated with my fourth qualification just over a month ago, I had forgotten the complete and utter desolation I felt every time I got a letter saying ‘thanks but no thanks’, the frustration when I heard nothing back and the constant feeling of ‘Am I just wasting my time here?’

That last one is a real suckerpunch in the gut. Every day my unemployment continues, I wonder if I’m in the right city, the right industry, the right career path… Should I be moving again, and if so, where? Should I just completely throw in the towel and take that incredibly random offer to manage a prosthetics warehouse? (Yes, I really did get offered that job – or at least an interview, and I didn’t even apply for it!)

I think one of my most disheartening moments was being told I had asked for too much money and that was the reason I hadn’t been considered for an interview. Because apparently it’s unacceptable to ask for $45,000, which is a whole $3000 more than my last job and would be my first pay raise in the three and a half years I’ve been in the work force. (Honestly, as fun as it can be, I don’t want to be the Inner City Stinge my entire life…)

It probably doesn’t help that, despite being a writer, writing cover letters is my own personal hell and one I dread, even when I desperately want the job advertised. (Yeah, I’m looking at you, half-written cover letter for a digital content editor role at a magazine women’s magazine. You suck!)

I’m lucky in many ways, as I’ve managed to pick up a few odd jobs and keep my head mostly above water, but it doesn’t stop me wondering why it’s my life that has to be so bloody difficult when I see all my friend’s careers taking off around them.

I did everything I was told. I finished high school with good marks, I went to a top eight university, I have FOUR higher education qualifications, I undertook several unpaid internships and I’ve even got a half-decent resume under my belt now… So bloody hell world, what do I have to do this time around to please you?