Travel on a budget - part four

Travel on a budget – part four

Ok so we’ve covered all the stuff you can do to save money on specific things in parts one, two and three in my travel on a budget series, but there’s one tip that didn’t quite fit anywhere else:

Travel off the main road

There. It’s that simple. Well… actually it isn’t always. It’s a little bit harder going to countries/cities with less established tourism, especially if there’s a language barrier. But that shouldn’t stop you exploring every corner of the world.


On a donkey outside Petra with my new friend Salem, 2014

I often get queried on some of the places I’ve chosen to visit, especially when they’re a little left of centre like a casual jaunt around Jordan. But some of my greatest experiences have been the culture shock of the south of India or driving through the smallest towns in the USA.

Despite the extra effort to get to many of these places, they really are far more budget friendly and have allowed me to spend a little more when I’ve hit more expensive, traditionally tourist cities like Paris and New York City.

I definitely understand the apprehension to visit places that fly under the radar, especially when it comes to personal safety, because there isn’t a lot of information about what it’s really like for tourists there. But that’s never stopped me, because I know I’m just as likely to find myself grabbed by a strange man on the streets of Milan (which has happened) as I am to be followed around by adorable Indian school children, because they’re fascinated by the colour of my skin. And trust me, having little kids come up and stare at me is far easier to cope with than finding yourself being forced upon by a man who thinks he’s entitled to you just because you stopped him to ask for directions.


Customary cheesy photo outside the Taj Mahal, 2009

I think the most important thing to remember is if there’s somewhere in the world you desperately want to go, then go. Stop listening to people telling you it’s too touristy/too boring/too dangerous/too anything. Don’t let anyone else’s opinions of a place hinder your drive to see the world.

And on that note… I have a little news to share: I’m moving to the south of France in just over a month to study at a culinary institute for three months. You can follow these adventures at my spin-off blog, Fine Crumb.

Where in the world do you dream of visiting? No answer is too cheesy or strange!