Tightarse Tuesdays: The best of the bunch

I love Tightarse Tuesdays, don’t you? Nothing makes me happier than getting a great deal on a meal just because it’s Tuesday and Tuesdays are usually a bit mediocre so they absolutely need brightening up.


 Of course, there’s so much more out there than Domino’s Tuesday deals and really, even this cheapskate isn’t cheap enough to buy Domino’s. Nope, she wants pizza cooked according to nonna’s recipe, handed down from her nonna’s nonna. Because that pizza doesn’t taste like cardboard, it tastes like family.

So what are some of the best deals in Sydney on a Tuesday? Well… funny you asked that. I have started a list (which I will add to, as I discover more), of all the best Tightarse Tuesday deals in Sydney:

  • $1 Hotdogs at the Soda Factory in Surry Hills: Yeah, you heard that right, $1.
  • $ Tacos at The Norfolk Hotel, Surry Hills: And if you’re feeling rich, order a side of fried pickles, yum!
  • $3 Tacos & Tequila Shots at the Flying Fajita Sistas in Glebe: To take the pain of Tuesday away.
  • $6 Fried chicken at Ms. G’s in Potts Point: Because it’s fried chicken
  • $12 Schnitties at The Forresters in Surry Hills: They’re as big as your face, I swear it!
  • 2 for 1 Meals at the Clock Hotel in Surry Hills: Treat your friend to dinner
  • Free pool at the Golden Barley in Enmore: If you’re good at pool, that is…
  • $10 dinners and $3 beers at Ravesis in Bondi: While it’s still warm, you can swim before dinner!
  • $5 burritos at Bunga Bar in Bondi: Again, beach, summer, swimming!

I’ll also begin some interstate lists, so whether you live in Sydney or somewhere else, let me know in the comments what your favourite Tightarse Tuesday deal is!