Tightarse Travels: Perth’s Re Store

I think we’ve established more times than is necessary that I love food that is wrapped in bread. What’s not to love? Bread is a magical foodstuff that makes up the bulk of our diet, for better or worse, and that’s because it’s so comforting and satisfying and delicious.

So when my dad started talking about the epic sandwiches at The Re Store in Leederville, I knew I had to get myself down there asap.

I conned my sister into driving there, under the guise of buying her a sandwich (she actually ended up paying for mine, win!) and because it was three days til Christmas, it was bedlam. Of course, I expected this – the Re Store is always bustling, but it’s never THIS busy. Clearly everyone needed to purchase a lifetime supply of prosciutto and Baci chocolates before Santa arrived, I don’t blame them for it – cured meats and Italian chocolate kisses are delicious. Plus, it’s the best place to get salami in Perth, I reckon.


Anyways, back to the sandwich. There is a list of suggested combinations with set prices, or you can build your own from what’s available in the deli. I ordered the Salami/Artichoke/Cheese from the suggested combinations, but added marinated capsicum and olives. My sandwich came at around $8.50 and measured in at about the length of my forearm, but far fatter. A definite bargain!

This sandwich was delious – the salami was top-quality, as I’ve come to expect from the Re Store, the artichokes were well marinated and they didn’t scrimp on the olives (my sister argued there were too many olives, I said there’s no such thing as too many olives). But most importantly, the sandwich was literally the biggest sandwich I’ve ever had – and I’ve eaten sandwiches in middle America.


Seriously, I struggled with this sandwich. I got about halfway through before I conceded defeat, wrapped it up and put it in the fridge for later. I had PLANNED to eat it for dinner and went out to run some more errands. When I arrived home, I discovered my dad had polished off the rest of the magical sandwich. Boo!

If you are hungry and in Perth and looking for a bargain (which is nearly impossible in Perth), this is an excellent option – just cut it in half and you have lunch AND dinner.* Now that’s what I call biwinning.

*Unless you have a hungry dad who has no qualms about stealing food from you.

You can buy your own mega sandwich from the Re Store at 231 Oxford St Leederville. They also have another store at 72 Lake St Northbridge, but I don’t think they do sandwiches there…