Tightarse Travels: Adelaide's Hello Kitty Cafe

Tightarse Travels: Adelaide’s Hello Kitty Cafe

It is no secret that I love cats and dessert. Being the cat lover I am, I have quite the penchant for Hello Kitty, even if she is actually a British girl who just happens to think she’s a cat…  But whatever, I heard word of a Hello Kitty Cafe near the Central Markets in Adelaide and, knowing I was going there for Christmas, put it down on my list of ‘non-negotiable things I must do while visiting my grandparents’.


I took one of my oldest and dearest friends, A, for the adventure and my god, it was an adventure just finding the place! Google Maps will tell you the cafe is INSIDE the markets, but here’s an insider tip: it’s actually located on your left, two stores in, as you walk through the gates of China Town.


For a cafe inspired by a British girl/cat who favours pink, red and bows, the decor is surprisingly demure – it’s brown, gold and white, with grey walls that feature Hello Kitty themed mirrors and round black tables… ok the chairs are black or gold and covered in glitter, but the whole thing is surprisingly subtle – seriously!


There was a range of cakes in the cabinet display, as well as several desserts on the menu and the staff mentioned a savoury menu was in the works for after Christmas… so that could already be in effect, but who knows? (You will, if you go!)


A ordered the walnut cake in the display cabinet, as recommended to us by two of the girls behind the counter, and I ordered off the menu – so we could get a sense of everything they were trying to achieve food-wise.

Obviously A’s walnut cake ($7.50) arrived first, as they only had to remove it from the cabinet. Unfortunately, the cute little Hello Kitty topper wasn’t edible, but the sponge cake with it’s layers of whipped cream and sweet walnuts, was an absolute winner of a cake – perfect if you don’t like your cake too sweet.


The ridiculous concoction I ordered was Oreo based  ($13) (and I don’t really like Oreos that much) and had to be ordered because it came with meringue mushrooms and the cutest little Hello Kitty themed chocolate orange macaron. Under the layers of Oreo (most of which were left discarded, but if you love Oreos, you need this), was layers of chocolate sponge, vanilla ice cream and chocolate mousse. It was super sweet, but as I have the world biggest sweet tooth, I was in heaven diving into the varying layers of creamy mousse, sweet ice cream and airy sponge cake. It was very filling and I didn’t eat again that day until dinner.


Seriously, look at how ridiculous this dessert is! 

We ended the day by purchasing a couple of ridiculously over-priced ($4 each) macarons that were just too cute not to splurge on. I KNOW I KNOW! I couldn’t resist – look at them!!!


The yellow one is salted caramel with a chocolate centre and the chocolate one has a surprise orange centre.

There was a wall of Hello Kitty glassware – mostly sweet little mugs – but I resisted as they were a little on the pricey side and I really don’t need another mug, no matter how adorable! They also sell whole cakes, all Hello Kitty themed of course, which I totally want for my next birthday.


Thanks Hello Kitty for a swell time! I’ll be back to try your dumplings soon!

Hello Kitty Cafe is located at 44 Gouger St, Adelaide

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