This little piggy went to the Potts Point markets

Food is expensive, it eats in to quite a big chunk of my weekly budget. I keep costs down by shopping at my local farmers market – it means I shop in season and I usually get twice as much food for nearly half what I’d spend at a supermarket.

But the markets are much more than my fresh produce for the week – they’re also one of my favourite places to hang out and the markets at Potts Point on a Saturday morning are definitely hang out-worthy.

Of course, the best part of the markets are the stalls selling delicious, ready-to-devour food stuffs and Potts Point didn’t disappoint!


This little puppy cost me $9 and was stuffed stupid with slow roasted beef, coleslaw, a whole heap of sauces (including aioli) and a sprinkling of rosemary salt to finish. It hit the spot like nobody’s business and made me deliriously happy.

I picked up the sandwich of gold at the Butchers Lunch stand, which had a massive line of devotees shortly after I order mine.


They also do a pulled pork sarnie, which I am totally headed back for next week.

On top of my spectacular lunch, my friends and I also stumbled upon a board games set up:


We chucked a couple of coins into the jar and enjoyed a few rounds of Connect 4, Guess Who? and Battleships (You sunk my battleship!) while we ate lunch. Best way to spend a hangover!


I would’ve won Battleships, had the devious old man (aka Matt) I was playing against hadn’t CHEATED! What a pooface!

I ended the day with a trip to the French patisserie stall and splurged my last remaining coins on one of the best mille-feuille’s I’ve ever eaten… but I inhaled it too fast to photograph it!

All in all, a delicious and bargain day out. Geez I love markets!