This little piggy went to Kirribilli Markets

This little piggy went to Kirribilli Markets

It takes a lot to get me to cross the bridge, like a lot a lot. Like four people (and three dogs) whom I love very much and happily cross the bridge for regularly. But those visits tend to be on school nights and more often than not we eat delicious home-cooked meals. However, I’ve been dying to hit up Kirribilli Markets for some time, because it is literally RIGHT across the bridge and totally counts as inner-city.


As the train pulls into Milsons Point station, you are treated to a birds eye view of the markets which on a sunny day is packed with people and spans the entire grassy area on the west side of the station, as well as the pedestrian tunnel underneath the station.


Kirribilli hosts two markets a month. The art, design and fashion markets on the first Sunday of every month and the general markets on the third Saturday of every month. Yes it’s a little confusing but the locals seem to have it figured, as they line up for coffee and bacon and egg rolls in the chilly mid-July sunshine.


We attended the Sunday art, design and fashion markets which are apparently much bigger than the general markets and have everything from local designers selling their wares to girls with overflowing wardrobes trying to pawn off last seasons fashions for pocket money. Seriously, if you don’t mind digging, there are bargain gems to be found at almost every stall. Most of the girls were selling their things off for pennies.


If only I could walk in heels… meow!

Starving when we arrived, RP and I did a quick lap of the food stalls to suss out what was on offer. We eventually settled on a chicken quesadilla (8$) from the creatively named ‘Quesadilla’, which has a surprisingly good balance of cheese, chicken and salsa, with extra salsa and sour cream on the side for good measure. I could’ve eaten six of these.



Then we shared what the man touted as a Spanish meatball sub drowning in chimichurri and spicey tomato sugo ($9). The bread soaked up the sauces and the meatballs were tender and juicy. After that we were full!



Oh but only just before we had seen a little stall selling caramel slice for $1…


No worries! They had little paper bags and we took the treats home to enjoy with a cup of tea later that afternoon.


But back to the markets… If you don’t want to trawl through wardrobe cast offs, don’t sweat, there’s still loads of things to see. I ate more than my fair share of brownie samples from one stall and saw loads of cute cupcakes, macarons and other sweet treats to take home.


There were designers selling cushion covers…




These gorgeous handmade hobby horses (oh someone PLEASE buy me one)…


And these little ‘wee wee teepees’ which both baffled and amused us. Turns out they’re lined with toweling and are designed to put over your baby boy’s winky dink while you change his nappy/dress him because little boys have a tendency to pee in their parents face during nappy change time. I’m so glad I’ve never experienced that as a nanny… Regardless of whether or not you think they’re nifty or ridiculous, these are super cute.


We dragged our tired little feet home after several hours of exploring and wishing we had more money to spend (I saw some gorgeous woodland animal brooches that just weren’t going to cut it into my weekly budget) and room in our stomachs for food (too many cakes, not enough tum!). I was very happy with my purchases, which have all been put to great use since my visit:


Gold sequin peplum top ($15), purple metal lace necklace ($10) and a jar of incredibly decadent passionfruit curd ($10), which I am not above eating straight out of the jar, it’s so good.

I reckon Kirribilli Markets are some of the best Sydney has to offer and if you find yourself in the area, look out for those $1 caramel slice bars. They were gooey and sweet and toffee and I could go another one right about now.

The Kirribilli Markets 2014 dates can be found here.