This little piggy went to Glebe Markets

This little piggy went to Glebe Markets


This cute as stall had children’s dinosaur tshirts and quirky jewelry for adults

Glebe Markets was one of the first markets I visited when I moved to Sydney back at the beginning of 2012. It was a good market, but I was never that inclined to return. If I was in the area on a Saturday, I’d pop in but I wouldn’t go out of my way because it wasn’t great. That all must’ve changed not that long ago, because when M asked if we could visit Glebe markets last weekend, I was blown away by how different they were.


Windowsill plants that don’t require much love? Yes please!

It might be the location or it might be because it’s open longer houses than most markets, but the Glebe markets, situated at the primary school on Glebe Point Road, have undergone a massive makeover and are even better than before. This is the kind of market I want to hang out at on the weekend. It has delicious food, amazing atmosphere and something to suit every taste. We were famished when we arrived so headed straight for the food stalls towards the back of the market.


M’s favourite food is gozleme, so when he spotted a gozleme stand, he didn’t even bother to look at the other options, he knew what he wanted. I took a little longer to make my decision, but settled on a chorizo hot dog ($8) from The Fancy Banger, after tossing up for a long time between that the Venezuelan arepas next door.


While I still want an arepa, I think I made an excellent choice. The chorizo sausage was slightly spicy and heavy on the paprika and was topped with rocket, chargrilled capsicum and a chipotle mayo that was far superior to anything you can buy at the supermarket. It’s generous size meant I didn’t need anything until dinner that evening.


Afterwards, M and I explored the rest of the markets. We spotted second hand books vintage threads, small quirky clothing and jewelry designers, pot plants, loads of homemade candles and, our favourite, a fortune teller. She was immediately recognisable by the disco fabric wrapped around the tree in the back corner of the markets.


I also spotted a girl selling hair feathers, which I’m going to head back and have secured into my hair after my next haircut in a couple of weeks. (My hairdresser will not approve of my hair feathers, so it’s best to wait.) The line was long, clearly I’m not the only one who wants feathers in her hair!


Because of it’s mini makeover, I now can’t wait to head back to Glebe markets. Check out my finds. I picked up a cute as dinosaur tshirt for my brand new little cousin ($15), a Bondi Beach scented candle ($4) that makes my entire living area smell amazing and an awesome necklace ($18) that will go perfectly with my favourite orange dress when the weather warms up.


The Glebe Markets are on every Saturday from early in the morning until 3pm and are located on Glebe Point Road, not far up off Broadway and a short stroll from Central Station.