Sydney Food Blogger's Christmas Picnic 2014

Sydney Food Blogger’s Christmas Picnic 2014

My blog can be a confusing one to categorise. I fall under thrifty living, food and, well… lots of things actually. But it’s fair to say there is a definite food focus on Inner City Stinge, I loooooooooove food. But this means that finding blogger groups or societies to join can be difficult, because I sit at a crossroads. Thankfully, I’ve found two wonderful groups, Blog Chicks and the Sydney Food Blogger’s, the latter who held their Christmas party this past Sunday (aka yesterday).

I’ve met a couple of food bloggers before, including Christine from Cooking Crusade, but was terrified I would still be completely out of my depths with all these people who had likely known each other for years. Luckily, they were as warm and friendly as I hoped and I had such an amazing time, despite the sweltering hot weather out at Sydney Olympic Park.


Suze and I

The event is hosted by the fabulous and formidable queen of Sydney food blogging, Helen from Grab Your Fork and the bubbly, colourful Suze from ChocolateSuze, they were both as awesome as I hoped, with Suze running over to me, giving me a hug and proclaiming she felt like she knew me from reading my blog. I feel much the same, lady – your blog is one of my faves!

I actually got lost along the way, but Alice from Wonderlaind set me right and I had such a great time getting to know her, Trish from SugarLace and the duo behind Oh Burger Me, whose names I cannot recall for the life of me because I’m the WORST at names, but who I had a blast hanging out with. They were the masterminds behind these amazing little burger cupcake/brownie concoctions, which nearly conquered me (but fear not, I won in the end):


Being a food bloggers picnic, there was absolutely and utterly NO shortage of food, with these cuties being my favourite of the bunch:


I brought Anzac-style blondies, fresh out of the oven and still gooey and warm, which went down a treat:


There was also an Evil Secret Santa, which I unfortunately didn’t participate in because moving meant absolutely no time for present shopping, but I had such a fun time watching a waffle maker, two teapots, a sake kit and a cheeseboard be fought over by everyone.


I had such a wonderful day, ate too much, found myself in a food coma on the train home, but I’m so glad I trekked out to Sydney Olympic Park to meet everyone. I absolutely and utterly cannot wait for next year’s! Thanks for inviting me, Helen and Suze!


[Image Credit: Rosa]