A Stinge’s Guide to Sydney Festival 2014

Hey hey all, so the Sydney Festival began just a few days ago and runs until Australia Day and it’s already shaping up to be an excellent couple of weeks of music, art and food.

But what if you’re feeling the pinch post-Christmas (as I have been) and don’t have a lot of dosh to spare for events? Well, don’t you worry your pretty little heads, because I’ve rounded up some of the best free events (in my opinion), so that you can still enjoy everything that the Sydney Festival has to offer, while still being able to afford to eat this month.

So, let’s get started:


Lawn Library


There is a library on the lawn at Hyde Park. A LIBRARY on the LAWN at HYDE PARK! Read among the trees and drop off a book you’ve finished for the take a book leave a book set up they have going down there. Fabulous!


Haven’t got plans for Australia Day yet? Why not go watch the ferries race. Hah! As if ferries can even move fast enough to race? Oh they can? Well, this is something that needs to be seen, obviously.

Merchants Store

Ever wanted to climb a building a la Spiderman? Here’s your chance to do it and all without lifting a foot off the ground!


If you have small children, or never stopped being a small child (like me), then this is the perfect event for you! They have workshops for kids (and kids at heart) to create their own boxwar battalion armour. Man, I’d make the best boxknight…

The Very Near Future

Film buffs and theatre affectionados alike will love this interactive cinema experience, set on the back lot of a film noir – it looks like a great story and the kind of once-in-a-lifetime theatre experiences. You’ll definitely find me here.

The Village Bandstand

Click above for a listing of all the different bands and musicians playing at the Festival Village.


Sydney Festival Village at Hyde Park: Sacrilege - is a big inflatable bouncing castle life-size Stonehenge.

(Credit: The Daily Telegraph)

OMG it’s a jumpy castle Stonehenge! That is all.

Rekorderlig Gazebo

Click above for a listing of all the different events at the Gazebo playing at the Festival Village.

FREE OUTER SUBURBAN EVENTS (for those looking to ‘day trip’ :P)

The Rubber Duck (Parramatta)

OMG! The duckie is back! You might remember him from things like that time he hung out in Darling Harbour and also the many times he exploded/deflated during his travels around the world. This year he’s chilling out on Parramatta River (or rather… “creek”) and I braved the incredibly long journey to see him.

We followed the yellow sticker footprints all the way…


And there he was! Hooray! Such fun.


FUNPARK (Mt Druitt)

This looks awesome, but if you’re planning the trip out, please remember to pre-register as apparently spaces are limited! It’s a a temporary theme park kind of set up inside a shopping centre. There will be hula hoops!

So go, get involved in the festival, it’s only on once a year and it brings the city together in a fun, unique way. Plus, it’s guaranteed to make your first few weeks back at work that little bit more bearable!

What are you hoping to check out at the Sydney Festival? If you’ve already explored it, what were your favourite moments?