Sometimes even I suck at budgeting

Sometimes even I suck at budgeting

It’s seven days until pay day and I have $12 in my wallet and $1.50 in my bank account. I’ve been living on a diet of lentils and two chicken breasts I found squirreled away in the freezer for the past few days, grateful to past me for keeping a full spice rack and sneaky meats in the freezer. Oh and Gelato Messina just posted pictures of their Vovoroom gelato (my favourite flavour!), which is only available until the end of the weekend… It’s $10 a tub, which would leave me with $2 in my wallet. Yes, I’m probably going to wander down there tonight and buy a tub because I want to, even if it’s not the best idea.

See, my office moved us all from fortnightly to monthly pay packets recently and having always been paid weekly or fortnightly, I’d become very used to a certain style of budgeting – that is, never having to budget for more than two weeks in advance. So when I set my new monthly budget, I was clearly off by around $50 to $100 (because $100 would be MORE than enough to get me through until next Thursday comfortably).

Why am I telling you this? Because as the queen of budgeting and saving, I am often asked for advice by friends and family on how to meet certain saving goals or how to write up a budget, and I wanted you all to know that despite what I preach, I’m not exactly perfect. Yes, even I have to scrounge together the coins from the bottom of my handbag to get through the weekend, once in a while. Even I suck at budgeting, sometimes.

There are several things I could blame my budgeting fail on: putting petrol in my sister’s car when I used it (because I don’t own a car, petrol isn’t in my budget), buying a couple of last minute Christmas gifts or even those two highly-overpriced Hello Kitty macarons in Adelaide… but I know that really, it was purely me not taking a few little splurges into account, which I’m normally prepared for.

That isn’t to say I don’t have money – I do. But it’s in a savings account, earning interest, because there is something very big and exciting that I am saving for, something I’ve wanted for a very long time and something I can’t wait to share with you when the time comes. This something is going to cost me every penny I have saved, so I’m reluctant to dip into it as it will put me behind my goal.

Actually, being this broke has been a bit of a blessing – forcing me to clean out my freezer and see what I’ve already got in my cupboard to make interesting meals for the week. I’m excited by the challenge!

When we get paid on next Thursday, I’ll know that it’s probably in my best interests to put $100 in cash at the bottom of my sock drawer, just in case – because having $13.50 to one’s name doesn’t get you very far when there’s tubs of Vovoroom to be had!

Have you ever found yourself at the end of a pay cycle, scrounging for coins and living on lentils? How’d you get through it? Tell me in the comments!

p.s. This is what Vovoroom is:


Coconut gelato, pie crust, raspberry jam, marshmallows… yup, it’s an icecream Iced Vovo!