Packing up and shipping out on a budget

Packing up and shipping out on a budget

Disclaimer: SpaceWays has paid for my first three months of storage as part of this sponsored post.

Moving is a pain in the ass, I know that because I’ve done it countless times. But this move I’m about to make is a little different to most in that it’s not permanent. I’m only going to be studying in France for four months (and even if I want to extend, I HAVE to come home as not to violate my visa).

What this does mean is that I’m renting out my room, temporarily, to a friend of a friend, who is on one of those 12 months youth mobility visas from the UK (the kind that half your friends have obtained to go and live in London for a year or two). Luckily for me, he has no furniture so I don’t have to move my bed or wardrobe and my chest of drawers will, I’m sure, come in handy for his time here.

What it does mean is that everything else in my room – my clothes, jewelry, shoes, impressive collection of over the counter drugs (I get sick a LOT), all have to either go with me to France or get packed up in storage. Importantly, because I don’t need that much space to store clothes, I’m looking for storage on a budget. My friend K has kindly offered me some space in her apartment, however I don’t want to overwhelm her with all my little trinkety bits, which need to be stored in hard boxes and not squishy laundry bags like all my clothing is.


That’s were SpaceWays comes in, it offers cheap storage of small boxes or individual items that you might only use seasonally, or in my case, just need temporary storage for – especially if you live in a tiny apartment like I do. They drop off boxes for your use and then pick them up at a time specified by you – all for no extra charge!

Storage at SpaceWays begins at $4.50 a month, which makes it a far more affordable option than the usual unit-based storage options around the city and with their simple delivery service, it couldn’t be easier to get your items back on demand! I’m so thrilled to know my little trinkety bits are safe and sound while I traipse around Europe for the next four months.

Do you suffer storage woes like I do? What do you wish you could store elsewhere?