Eat for free on your birthday!

Eat for free on your birthday!

So it’s your birthday and you are unemployed and it’s a freaking WEEKDAY and you have to wait until the weekend to celebrate/scam free meals and drinks out of your buddies.

That was me earlier this year (8th March, just FYI for next year), and I was unimpressed that I had to wait until that evening to get my birthday on! So how was a girl supposed to celebrate when all she had to her name was twenty bucks?

Abuse the ‘birthday freebies’ that company’s give out to their ‘loyal customers’, of course!

This takes a little planning in some cases, and you definitely need photo ID to reap the rewards of ageing another yet… but here are some of my favourite Australian based “birthday freebies” available at chain businesses across the country:

List of company’s that give out free birthday food if you are registered to their ‘rewards program': (almost all of these forms can be filled out online and you can always sign up right before your birthday and then bail out the next day – you have time to do this, after all, you’re unemployed!)

Seriously, who needs a job or money when you can hoard enough take out food to last you a week, easy! (Let’s be honest, though, you’ll eat it all that day – I would!)

There must be more out there, but these are the foodie ones I’m aware of.

Hurry up birthday! I’m hungry.