Online Bargains: Supply Warehouse

Online Bargains: Supply Warehouse

Note: I wasn’t paid to do this interview, nor was I given any incentive to share, I just thought it was something you guys might appreciate. :)

Supply Warehouse is a family business that started in Melbourne in 1997 as an outlet for brands to sell old stock that was still in date but may have had an old label, or a similar non-safety affecting ‘issue’, to avoid said stock being thrown out and adding to land fill. Originally it was just a warehouse in Melbourne’s outer suburbs, however has now found a home online, opening up big brand savings to everyone in Australia.

I was lucky enough to speak to co-founder and managing director, Mark Goldberg, recently. This is what he had to say:

1. What inspired this venture into ethical reselling of discarded products?

My family and I had been in the fashion wholesaling business for many many years.
We set up Supply Warehouse 1997 when a wholesale supplier changed a product label design and didn’t know what to do with the perfectly good old stock. The stock was thrown in the bin….simply for something as trivial as a design amendment!

Not happy with this irresponsible and unethical wastage my father-in-law Benny Buntman and I set about providing an outlet for Retailers & Manufacturers to sell their excess items, and thus, Supply Warehouse was born.

2. Tell me about your beginnings, how big was that first store and how long until it took off on it’s own?

We decided to open a small shop at the front of our Warehouse after two years and lots and lots of consumers demanding better options.

Seventeen years later, we have outgrown four premises in Melbourne as we build and create new relationships with suppliers and the general public alike.
Based in Cheltenham since 2009, we offer savings up to 80% off the RRP you normally see in supermarkets.

We launched the eBay store in 2010 and then the full online store at the end of 2014.

3. Do you just source from manufacturers and supermarkets or are you aligned with other businesses?

Supply Warehouse buy large parcels of residual (over) stock from the major producers of food and grocery products, and on sell them to the discount retail market. So basically, we supply the bargain stores with their bargains! 

Due to the fact that we buy large volumes at heavily discounted prices, direct from the manufacturers, we are able to pass on these super savings to our customers.

4. How much product do you (estimate) you rescue each year?

We have rescued over 10,000 pallets of goods this year.
To give you an idea of quantity: That’s the equivalent of 10,000 x 60 cartons x 24 =   over 14 million bottles of shampoo this year alone!!

5. What inspired you to open the warehouse direct to the public?

We are passionate about easing the growing pressures on families to make ends meet. We do this by offering our customers high quality branded and non-branded groceries for extremely cheap prices. SAVE up to 80% off retail prices, our range is unsurpassed, offering a large variety of food, cold and freezer items, home and cleaning products. All from some of the best Aussie and International brands like Glad, Sanitarium, Kellogg’s, Cadbury’s, Sunrice, White Wings, Dilmah… just to name a few! All of our products are guaranteed.

6. Do you shop at supermarkets yourself?

You will find me at supermarkets, $2 shops, variety stores, markets and every type of retail outlet imaginable. Retailing is my life.

7. Do you have any tips for bargain hunters?

Don’t pay retail. Shop Wisely. Don’t Believe The Hype.

8. You’ve come a long way over 17 years, what advice do you have for someone starting their own business?

Be Innovative. Look for a Niche Market. Believe In Your Dream. Work Very Hard!

9. What’s next? (For the company and for you)

An exciting new B2B offer from us which will knock our competitors out of the water and help struggling small busness owners with their daily grind. I’m buzzed!

If you want to check out Supply Warehouse’s product range (which is ever-changing), you can do so here.