On being unemployed

My name is Georgia and at the ripe old age of 24, I am the face of unemployment in Australia. Well… kind of.

It was inspired by one of the panel on Insiders (which I regularly enjoy with my hangover on a Sunday morning) saying that 17.7% of people between the age of 18 and 24 were unemployed and looking for work. That snapped something in me and I started writing about my experiences. After sitting on it for a few weeks, passing it by my lawyer-father (to make sure I didn’t get in any trouble!) and cutting it from 1500 words to 800, it finally ended up being published by the Sydney Morning Herald two weeks ago.

It was the second biggest story for Fairfax in Australia that day, and people all over the world reached out to me, sharing similar struggles, advice and support. The media bombarded me and for nearly a week, I couldn’t get five seconds to myself. I got a glimpse into the glamorous life of an A-lister – and I kinda liked the craziness of it all!

But I digress…

I graduated university in mid-2011 and have spent a majority of the two years since in a state society calls ‘unemployment’. Sure, I had a job for a while in the middle, it was an alright job and I thought it’d lead to another similar, slightly more advanced job (creating what society calls a ‘career’) but instead it lead to yet ANOTHER long stint of unemployment… or as I learned to make it: ‘funemployment’!

This blog has been a project I’ve been thinking about for a while and now is the time to launch it! Sure, as a result of my short-lived fame, I have a job beginning next week in Ultimo, Sydney, but I’m hardly on a 100k package and I’ll still be living like an unemployed hobo, as it’s basically the only thing I know how to be.

So in my last week as an unemployed girl, I thought it was high time I launched into this blog, to share with you, my loyal fanbase (aka my aunty Kerry), how to live the high life on mere pennies!



p.s. for my reaction to my big break, following my published article in the SMH, please refer to a piece I wrote on my old blog.