My car's a bomb, do I need car insurance?

My car’s a bomb, do I need car insurance?

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Youi Car Insurance

This is how cheap I am: for my birthday, I asked my parents for private health insurance. See, I wear glasses, have two false teeth (ok, technically they’re caps over real teeth that never fully formed), suffer weak ankles and did you know my wisdom teeth have decided recently to make an appearance in my life? So instead of asking for new clothes, money or a flight home to see my family for my birthday, I opted in for the one thing that ensures I don’t end up paying thousands of dollars for the cap on my tooth that needs replacing in the next 12 months.

But I was pretty insistent with my parents: find a deal that only covers me for what I need. They didn’t need to be spending a fortune on things I’d never use.

But private health isn’t the only insurance we, as twenty-somethings, need to be concerning ourselves with. Sure, it’s great to look after our heath, but what about our cars?

Accidents happen constantly and even a minor scrape or dent can set you back thousands of dollars. When I still had a car, I gave it ‘liposuction’ by scraping the entire side panel in a botched attempt at parking next to a pillar. Eeek!

So car insurance is one of those things you just can’t avoid, especially if you live in a congested, built up city like Sydney, but why pay for a car you only use on the weekends?

Like most Sydneysiders, I was a casual driver, only driving only a couple of days a week because I caught the bus to uni and walked to work. So of course, I was always annoyed at the idea of having to pay the same price for insurance that people who drove every day paid. Being on the road less meant there was less risk of accidents, less services and less money spent on everyone’s favourite topic to whinge about: petrol. That’s why I looked for an insurance that met my needs, because they’re probably different to yours.

(Actually, on the topic of petrol, I was the girl who wouldn’t drive somewhere because the car needed petrol and it was Saturday. Honestly, who fills their car up on the weekend?)

I don’t want to spend a fortune on the parts of insurance I don’t need, I have more than enough bills and honestly, I’d rather spend the money on good cheese.

Do you own a car? What do you look for in car insurance?