This little piggy went to Bondi Beach Markets

This little piggy went to Bondi Beach Markets

Last Saturday, despite my pounding Halloween hangover, I dragged myself out of bed and down to sunny Bondi Beach Markets due to a promise of free food. Yes, I really do love free things and was absolutely not going to miss out. Plus, vitamin D is an excellent cure for hangovers.


I dragged my usual market companion, M, with me to the markets, which are held at Bondi Beach Primary, located at the northern end of Campbell Parade. The markets were VERY Bondi: organic honey, home made yoghurt, chai tents and even doggie treats were for sale. But I was there for the free food, remember?


This is the University of Sydney Food for Thought Truck and to get your free meal, you had to find one of the volunteers, give your opinion about leadership and what it means to you and then you got a ticket which you could swap for a pastrami sandwich or a quinoa salad. Now as someone who likes talking and voicing her opinion nearly as much as she likes eating, this was like a dream come true. Free food for talking? Yes please!



After I said what I thought about leadership, I got my sandwich and M and I sat in the shade to eat. I have to say, it was a really great sandwich: proper slaw, thinly sliced pastrami layered up and fresh rye bread make hungover Georgia a happy lady. Now… time for dessert. At the very end of the markets, near the playground, was a man selling icy poles for $4 a pop. I cannot remember the man’s business name (I KNOW! TERRIBLE GEORGE!), all I remember is that his stall was very plain but he had a blackboard and crossed off each flavour as it ran out.

When we arrived, there was only chocolate and banana/caramel left. I got chocolate. Obvs.



My icy pole was creamy and sweet with a hint of that malty goodness you love about Milo, making it the perfect treat for a summer’s afternoon. We took our frozen treats to the beach front with the intention of dipping just our toes, but a surprise wave got us and the skirt of my dressed ended up soaked. You don’t need to see photos of that.

As I said above, Bondi Markets is exactly what you expect them to be, and they have some solid offerings, but being that it’s Bondi, they were a littler pricier than I’ve come to expect from markets. All in all, I thoroughly recommend them – the food offerings were solid, there was a wide range of fresh produce and those icy poles are the bomb.

Now if only I could remember the name of that man’s business…