This little piggy went to Adelaide Central Market

This little piggy went to Adelaide Central Market

I have vague memories of the Adelaide Central Market as a child, going there to pick up fresh produce and picking up actual slabs of Maggie Beer’s Pheasant Farm pate (no tiny little supermarket tubs for us – not the way we ate it) for our toast. Yes, pate on toast was legitimately my favourite food as a child… it still is today! So this last trip to Adelaide, I made not one but two sneaky visits to my favourite markets in Australia to revel among the cheese, the garlic and the freshly baked treats.


The cheese selection at the markets is ridiculous, like seriously ridiculous. The photos I sneakily snapped were just a little taste of what I could purchase…


Cheesy heaven…

There were also several specialist stalls, including one that I couldn’t walk past without heaving a little sigh, wishing this market was my local… Yes, it was The Mushroom Shop. Legit, there is a little store dedicated entirely to my favourite edible fungus, I literally cannot get enough of mushrooms and all the things I could do with these babies has me planning a trip back home ASAP.



There were also loads of specialty stores with sweets, sauces, chutneys, dips and enough cured meat to send you into cardiac arrest right then and there. Honestly, my phone kept having a spack at me over how many photos I was taking, insisting the memory was full and it had no time for more delicious pictures!



I was thrilled to find my mother had purchased me some brandy salted caramel sauce… as I was sad to have to walk past this due to the lack of space in my suitcase.

My best find though was these little spanikopita scrolls from Wild Loaf, each were about the size of my palm and $1.20 each… or two for $2. Obviously, I got two. Obviously. The filo pastry was feathery light and shattered between my teeth, while the spinach and feta filling was creamy and salty and oh so moreish. I was definitely tempted to just buy the rest and call it a day.


In among the produce stores, you can find restaurants serving up every kind of food imaginable, from fusion Middle Eastern to classic Italian. I only wished I’d had four stomachs like a cow.


Adelaide Central Market isn’t just a foodie’s haven for fresh produce and tasty treats, it’s also home to some wonderful florists with incredibly competitive rates… like totally stinge friendly!


Sunflowers are my absolute favourite!

If you ever find yourself in Adelaide, make sure that Adelaide Central Markets is top of your list. Stop by for lunch at one of the many cafes or pick up some of their incredible dips, cheeses, cured meats, fresh bread and a sneaky, sugary treat and find a nearby park for a picnic that will be the envy of all your friends. Ooh, I’m getting hungry!


Adelaide Central Market is located at 44-60 Gouger Street in Adelaide, just a short stroll from the Victoria Square tram stop. If you spy the Coles, you know you’re nearly there!