I don't have a car but the item I want is pick up only!

I don’t have a car but the item I want is pick up only!

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Gumtree Australia, however all words and thoughts are my own.

When I finally got my driver’s license at 19, I was not given a car like most of my friends. It’s not cos my parents couldn’t afford to buy me one, it was cos I couldn’t afford to buy me one. Sure, I could afford the actual car – but the rest of the costs? No way! Petrol, insurance, maintenence, it was out of the question for me to have a car. Plus, we lived right by a major train station in Perth and near all the best bus routes. Instead, I car shared with my dad. I got Fat Donna (the name of my blue Honda CRV) Wednesdays and Saturdays (Wednesday was for sewing group, I was not lugging my 10kg sewing machine to Dalkeith) and if I drove dad to work, could normally have it any other day I needed it. fatdonna My wonderful first car, Fat Donna.

Fat Donna was a wonderful car, not only did she take me to sewing group every Wednesday, she got me home from the train station in the wee hours of the morning, took a trip down to Busselton to visit the longest jetty in the soutern hemisphere and put up with my tone deaf singing to Lady Gaga. All on the smell of an oily rag. She didn’t even mind that I gave her ‘liposuction’ by scraping her doors against poles when I was learning to drive.
Fat Donna is now the preferred sun-tanning spot for my morbidly overweight black cat, Butt.
When I moved to Sydney, I handed over my car keys to my little sister and left Fat Donna behind. I’ve been in Sydney two and a half years now and still don’t own a car. I live close to public transport and, due to my inner city location, I can walk most places. But every so often, I wish I had a car. Most of these times are when it’s dark and raining outside, when I want to visit somewhere not convienent to public transport or when I want to buy sometime from Gumtree.
Unfortunately, I’m in a situation where most of my friends can’t drive and so obviously don’t have cars. (Yeah, I know, they’re a bunch of 20-30 somethings who can’t drive, what the hell were they doing at 18?) Or, if they can drive, they also gave up their cars when they moved to Sydney. In fact, only two or three of my Sydney friends have cars and they own tiny hatchbacks. Not ideal for moving a chest of drawers… (Ok, when I say I wish I had a car, I mean I wish I had Fat Donna and her spacious boot.)
So what’s a girl to do when she’s bought a purple fold-out couch from the bottom of Forveux St and she lives at the top of the hill near Taylor Square? Well, I carried it – and by ‘I carried it’, I mean I barely helped my amazing friend MC who did most of the heavy lifting for me. Where the hell was Fat Donna when I needed her? Probably being chogm’d around Perth by my little sister, I thought bitterly.
The infamous purple couch.
Sure, I could’ve gone to one of those van hire companies and hired a van, but do you have any idea how much it costs? I did it when I moved apartments last year and it cleaned me out. It was SO expensive and honestly a cost I can’t fathom incurring for an $80 couch. Sure I was in a lot of pain after carrying my couch up one of the steepest hills in Sydney, and MC won’t let me forget how much pain I put him through, but it was still the better option, financially.
So when Gumtree brought their automobile category to my attention, I kicked myself for carrying that couch up Forveaux St. I could’ve just BORROWED* a Gumtree user’s car and saved all us of a hell of a lot of time and pain.
*By borrowed I mean put up a ‘Wanted’ ad in the Car Share section, or even bought my very own Sydney Fat Donna.
Needless to say, next time I decide to purchase a bookcase, I’ll also be in the market to borrow a car… It might just be yours. I promise I won’t give it ‘liposuction’!