A handful of last minute, truly excellent budget Christmas gifts

A handful of last minute, truly excellent budget Christmas gifts

We’re all guilty of it: absolutely, utterly and TOTALLY forgetting to buy someone we love and care about a Christmas gift… especially when they mention that they got us something special. But despite how much we love someone, we can’t exactly afford to pay off our parent’s mortgage or fly our expat friend home, can we?

So short of that, here’s some great, budget Christmas gifts that don’t skimp on the love or affection… as picked by me, your new Christmas fairy godmother:


Sephora Glitter Spray ($13)

This one is only available to Sydneysiders, as unfortunately Sephora isn’t shipping to other states yet – but if you’re in Sydney, this is the gift for your glitter-fiend friend (and we all have one) – it’s a hair and body spray that goes on in lighter layers that build quite quickly if you’re not careful (but who wants to be careful when it comes to glitter?).


A voucher to test their skills in an escape room ($59 for 4 people)

Everyone has gamer friends, or friends who are puzzle-obsessed and this Groupon voucher is the perfect gift to treat a group of your mates for an afternoon out. Escape rooms test your logic and problem solving abilities in a room full of cryptic clues while you race against a clock. I reviewed Strike Bowling’s escape rooms here, but there are companies running similar set ups in every city.


A selfie stick ($9)

Everyone knows that person who takes far too many selfies. Help extend their arms with this selfie stick.


Drink Bottle Blender ($15)

Everyone knows someone who is obsessed with green juices or breakfast smoothies. Fact: a full size blender is clunky in the mornings and a pain to clean, so skip the clean up with this single serve blender that attaches directly to your drink bottle. Additional bottles can be purchased separately for $8 a pair.


Homebaked gifts ($various)

Everyone loves baked foods, so why not whip up a batch of something special, package them in sweet boxes with cute bows from discount stores and distribute some sugary love? I have a pile of great recipes that are perfect for gifting, including my gingerbread ladies, cookie dough trufflesstore cupboard brownies and whoopie pies. All can be done on a budget, as flour and sugar are cheap to buy in large quantities, and I reckon nothing is better than a gift that someone has put love and time and effort into.


Grumpy Cat 2015 Calendar ($20.58)

For the cat lady in your life, a full twelve months of snarky comments from the grumpiest cat around. I had the 2014 calendar set up on my desk and it made my coworkers laugh every time they wandered past – who doesn’t smile at how grumpy little Tarder Sauce is?


The Hungry Caterpillar onesie and bib ($20)

OH MY GOD IT’S MR CATERPILLAR AND HE’S SO HUNGRY! My love of Mr Hungry Caterpillar is no secret, I have two different size plush Mr Caterpillars on my bed right now, and if I had a baby, well this onesie is all my baby would ever wear. Buy it for all your baby friends. All of them!


Chocolate Fondue Fountain ($20)

It’s a goddamn chocolate fondue fountain, who DOESN’T want this?


A massage at the NSW School of Massage ($25)

The gift of pampering is perfect for those who have had a rough year or recent couple of months and want to chill out for an hour. Just click ‘Book a massage’ in the upper right corner and let the expert hands at the school, located a short walk from Town Hall, take care of the rest.


Ice cream maker ($32.95)

Hint hint, nudge nudge.


Books ($30 and under)

A story is literally the greatest gift you can give someone, I reckon, and there are loads of great books out there this year that fall in under the $30 mark, including Amy Poehler’s Yes Please, Karen Joy Fowler’s We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, Brooke Davis’ Lost & Found and Graeme Simsion’s The Rosie Project. (All sourced from Bookworld, an Australian online book retailer)

I hope I’ve averted any last-minute Christmas crises and last minute mad dashes for presents that won’t break the bank – so now it’s over to you, what are you hoping to find under the tree this Christmas? Leave your responses in the comments below.