Get other stuff for free on your birthday!

We’ve already covered how to eat on your birthday for free, but what about other stuff? Your birthday isn’t JUST about consuming as much food as possible and hoping you can still button your jeans the next day. It’s also about presents and stores like to gift their regular customers presents. So, where can you find these birthday goodies?


Here’s a list of Australian stores offering birthday rewards (updated as required):

Witchery offers members a $20 reward.

Kikki K sends out birthday surprises, as well as one for just signing up.

Mimco has a birthday surprise, which I’ve heard is a $30 voucher. Win!

For all you crafty types (like me), Spotlight gives you 10% off on your birthday.

The Body Shop has a birthday gift, although I can’t find what it is, I’m sure it’s scrummy!

Saba offers a ‘special birthday treat’ – here’s hoping it’s a discount voucher!

STA Travel gives their newsletter subscribers a $50 voucher, which is excellent if you have an travel plans coming up.

Ok, so we’ve got access to all these great offers, but they all require signing up to a newletter and really, do we need any more bloody emails in our inbox? No, not even a little bit. Well, email applications have already sorted that for you, you can create a ‘rule’ so that all these newsletters go into one folder and you can just check it at times you need to – such as close to your birthday. In Microsoft Outlook (both the desktop and online versions), this is as simple as right-clicking on an email you want to send to a folder, clicking ‘Create Rule’ and following the prompts. Easy

So go forth, cheapskates, and enjoy reaping the spoils of ‘because you were born today’ – you’ve earned it.

Do you know any great deals you can get only on your birthday? Share in the comments below.