Extreme couponing: Supermarket dockets

In America, extreme couponing is a sport – with a few savvy decisions, a family can get up to a year’s supply of a product for mere pennies. It’s pretty crazy, to the point that there’s an entire TV series about it. It’s ridiculous, really. But why haven’t we jumped on the bandwagon in the same way? We’re always complaining about the high cost of living, yet we don’t care about coupons?

Well, for a start – coupons for supermarket products aren’t half as common here as they are in the States, so that puts a bit of a damper on things… But we have other coupons at our disposal, like restaurant and entertainment coupons. And as I mentioned in my review of Maya du Dhaba, they’re closer than you think.

Seriously, guys, they’re on the back of your supermarket docket! Have you actually TURNED your supermarket dockets over lately? Sure, there’s a whole lot of crap on the back, but there are gems to be found – like me finding a two for one meal deal at Maya du Dhaba on the back of my Woolies docket. Massive score!

Really, though, it depends on the suburb you’re in and whether there have been any sweet deals organised between the supermarkets and anything decent in your area. And you can’t exactly go around to every supermarket in your city, looking for the best deals – because that would take far too long and involve buying waaaay too many packets of chewies to get dockets, and we’re stinges so we ain’t gonna waste our pennies to save pennies!

So what can you do instead?

Click here.

That’s Shopadocket – and every single deal on the back of a supermarket docket is on that website. You can refine the deals by suburb or type of coupon and there’s some pretty great ones on there if you dig around – trust me, I wouldn’t bother sharing this with you if I didn’t think so.

Here are some of my picks from across the country:


Free Show Ticket Free Meal

Heck yes!!! My fave drag show!


$3 Tacos Free Short Stack


Up To 4 Tickets At $11 Each 50% Off All Waxing, Massage And Facials


$2 Burrito


Unlimited Entry From Only $69.99

If this means what I think it does… that’s one payment of $69.99 per child and $99.99 per adult for as many visits as you can handle in that time period. Dude!


Half Price Meal