Extreme Couponing: Save in the city with Shop A Docket

Note: This is a sponsored post but all views are entirely my own.

I’ve previously informed you all about my love of Shop A Docket’s here, but it’s high time we had another chat about them, because there’s a whole load of new deals available and honestly, who doesn’t love a great deal? Plus, using a coupon from the back of a receipt is no different to downloading one from an online coupon retailer.

Also, in my last post, we focused on food related deals, when there are so many other things you can score just by turning over your receipt and having a little read of the fine print. And no, it doesn’t take a lot of time, I read them as I lug my groceries home from the store. I also know I’ll get different coupons, depending on where I shop that week, so I like to mix it up and visit different supermarkets. But if you’re loyal to one store, you can still access all the coupons by visiting Shop A Docket’s website.

For this post, I’ve compiled some of my favourites within 10km of Sydney’s CBD, but you can check out your local area on the Shop A Docket website.

I think my favourite thing about Shop A Docket’s is that I never, ever, have to pay full price for a meal at an Indian restaurant ever again. We all know how quickly Indian food adds up, especially once you add in naan bread, rice and maybe a little raita on the side, but just about every Indian restaurant within 10 km of Sydney CBD has a buy one get one free curry deal through Shop A Docket…

While we’re still on the topic of food, half price meal at The Fern in Redfern? Yes please. 

Oh and if you like ice cream, Baskin Robbins has a second cone for $1 if you buy one full price.

Ok, ok, ok. I promised we’d talk things OTHER than food for once. Well I’ve done a little digging and I’ve found some pretty choice deals, starting with this sweet deal for 50% off clothing repairs and alterations in Waterloo, because while I am a proficient seamstress, I know it’s not everyone’s bag, baby. They’ll also dry clean and press 5 business shirts for $13.90 if you wear business shirts. I do not. Hell, I literally wear whatever I want to work… and yes, that’s mostly neon dresses and sparkly tops. Just as you’d expect!

Double Pay… sorry I mean Double Bay Dentists have surprised us all by offering free dental consultations, which can come in handy if you haven’t been to a dentist recently. And really, who has? Ok me… but that’s because I chipped a tooth, not because I thought about a check up. There’s also one in Marrickville, for your inner westies.

Moving out? You’re gonna want to get your house cleaned properly and that means steam cleaning. Yeah, it can cost an arm and a leg, but The Steam Cleaners have a pretty nifty deal here. And yes, you do have to clean the house, take it from me, I’ve lived in 14 of them!

On the topic of moving house. Cheap removalist deal! YES! The last time I moved house, I roped in a mate and we did it all ourselves. Turns out, that was INSANITY and I am never, ever doing it that way again. Especially not now I own a couch…

Look, I could be here all day ranting and raving about how much I love the Shop A Dockets. I use them regularly and I’ve turned so many of my friends onto the magic of just turning over your receipt and having a squizz. You never know what you might find…