Extreme Couponing: Online Coupons

It’s been a while since we talked coupons, mostly because I haven’t used any in a while, at least not any of this particular kind, so I figured it was high time we changed all that!

Coupons from websites such as Groupon, Living Social, Spreets and Scoopon (among others) can be both the most wonderful thing ever and a bit of a rip off. Too keep it a positive experience all round, it takes smart reading and a little thought to make sure you’re getting the best deals. Plus, they’re perfect for lazy people (like me) because they’re all online! Hooray!

I have a system I like to use, it’s applicable to most things on these websites but let’s apply it to my favourite thing to buy these coupons for: restaurants and other foodie experiences. So what do I look for?

Firstly, do I want to eat at the restaurant in question? I don’t have to have heard about it before, but if it looks like the kind of place I might want to eat, then that’s still a tick in its favour.

Secondly, is there a set menu outlined within the deal? Does the set menu look like something I would enjoy? If there’s no set menu described, I hit up the website of the restaurant and check out the menu, does it include foods I will eat? Cos yes, there is a short list of things I don’t particularly enjoy consuming.

Thirdly, while I’m on the restaurant’s website, I take note of the prices they’re charging: is the coupon deal worth buying or is it more reasonable for me to just hit up the restaurant like a regular customer?

From here, I read a couple of reviews from independent sources (newspapers, magazines, bloggers, etc) and then make my decision.

This all looks like a huge amount of effort, but it really isn’t – it takes me only a few minutes at best. And you can apply this system to just about every coupon on offer – I applied it to a dance class coupon I bought and yes, it turned out to be a great deal.

So what are some of the better (foodie) options in coupon deals right now? (Sure I could branch beyond food, but we all know I spend most of my time thinking about food or eating food or cooking food…)

These deals are all for two people!


This Italian dinner for $19 from Scoopon

This high tea for $29 from Groupon

This dinner for $39 from Groupon


This high tea for $25 from Scoopon

This all you can eat pizza for $25 from Groupon


This entry to the Canberra Good Food & Wine Expo for $9 from Scoopon

These five eclairs for $10 from Groupon


This high tea in Adelaide for $45 from Groupon

This Indian banquet for $29 from Spreets


This BARGAIN Indian meal for $5 from Scoopon (this has to have a major catch somewhere…)

This burger and chips for $17 from Spreets

This Indian for $29 from Groupon


This Latin American meal for $20 from Scoopon

Happy eating!

What are your favourite places to get great deals?