Hungry and too cold to go buy groceries? Win an EatNow voucher inside this post!

Hungry and too cold to go buy groceries? Win an EatNow voucher inside this post!

This competition has closed and winners have been contacted. :D

Hey guys,

It’s me! I’m alive! I check in every so often, but hey – I’ve been spending seven hours on my feet every day in the kitchen learning to whip up some of the most amazing creations so when I get home… I kinda collapse on the couch, exhausted, wishing someone else would bring me dinner because my feet hurt and my brain is buzzing from information overload and goddamn I’ve cooked all day so why won’t someone cook for me now?

Yeah, you know that feeling. When you just don’t want to cook or do dishes or even stand up? That’s why EatNow is so fantastic, because you can order someone else to cook for you from your laptop or smartphone while you lounge on the couch. Perfect for that cold weather I’ve been hearing about back home!

I’m a pretty frequent customer of EatNow, especially as up until recently, I was a bit crap at Indian cooking. (You can thank my new pals Ralston and Palak for giving me such thorough cooking lessons!) So if I order take out, it’s usually curry and EatNow totally delivers all of my favourite Indian restaurants. Yay!

But if you don’t like Indian (blasphemy!), then no worries, there’s over 4500 different restaurants from across Australia listed on the website and they cover every cuisine you could ever want, so you’re bound to find something that suits your tastes and, of course, budget. I love that you can easily sort restaurants by price! Stops me accidentally spending more than I can afford.

As you already know, I’m a total foodie and for me, food is far more than fuel. Food should be nourishing and enjoyable at the same time, so while it’s tempting to shovel down take out in front of the telly, it’s nice, even when it’s JUST take out, to stop and enjoy your meal properly, with a friend or with your cat. Eating this way tends to mean you’ll eat less, which is good for the waist line and (bonus!) means leftovers. Leftovers are literally my favourite kind of meal ever.

So why am I rambling about EatNow and take out so very much? Because the wonderful peeps over at EatNow have totally hooked me up with two $50 vouchers for you, my fabulous readers, so you can take a night or two off cooking. Who doesn’t want that?

Competition closes 5th June, so what are you waiting for?

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