Daiso: the magical land of everything for $2.80

Somehow I missed the memo on Daiso, a Japanese superstore with locations in Melbourne and Sydney (and maybe other places?) where not only do they sell literally everything you could ever want, they also sell it all for the low, low price of $2.80.

While in Melbourne, two of my friends took me on a journey to the magical land of Daiso, where I became so overwhelmed with all the things I could buy for $2.80, my entire capacity for coherent conversation collapsed. (Oooh, that was some fun alliteration to write!)

I decided, considering I’m still not exactly flush with cash, to keep things simple and only buy what I actually needed or what I could justify space for in my carry on carpet bag. So this is what I ended up with:



Two incredibly cute tupperware containers that I can fit simultaneously into my lunchbox for work. (The darker pink one says “I LOVE LUNCH” all over the hearts.



This sparkly pink handbag holder, that promises to hold up to 4kg in handbag weight. I am pretty sure my handbag doesn’t weigh nearly that, but it’ll be fun to test how sturdy this little $2.80 steal really is.



A pink bunny rabbit shower friend/hand flannel thing. (Ok, that sounds incredibly creepy…) Bunny is an excellent distributor of soap over my body. (Again, creepy…)

I also picked up a drink bottle covered in pink and purple flowers with terrible Engrish sayings all over it – which now sits permanently on my desk at work.

And every single item was $2.80. This is every stinge’s heaven, you can buy everything from rubbish bins to shoes (yeah, shoes…) to mugs and bakeware. And it’s all fun coloured and kawaii (that’s Japanese for cute, right?) and I NEED IT ALL IN MY HOUSE!

Daiso, you are a magical place and I will be back again and again and again. Maybe you should just hire me to be your spokesperson, because I’m already definitely your biggest fan and I’m actually considering moving in, do you have tents for $2.80 that I could set up in the back corner?

Daiso Sydney’s locations can be found here, and it’s Melbourne outlets are listed here.