Daily Life screams: There’s nothing in this election for young people

The election is looming and the opinion columns are going crazy, and people are certainly mentioning that young people aren’t enrolled to vote, but no one has really got to the crux of it until now.

Today, Daily Life posted this fantastic opinion piece by Daniel Stacey:

There’s nothing in this election for young people

This piece sums up exactly how I feel… and I’m a political nut who loves election season and voting! But with this election, I feel frustrated and disenfranchised and I don’t know who on earth to vote for as neither are any good for me or any of my friends or even my family, really.

Daniel mentions everything from unemployment to the housing issue, which I’ve mentioned here before. He sums up exactly how most of Gen Y are feeling about the political scene right now and I think it makes for excellent and incredibly informative reading.

So to all you pollies out there, get reading Daniel’s piece and maybe consider us, we’re the next generation, we need to be paid attention to and we’re bloody SCREAMING for it! Why aren’t you listening?