Cheap Thrills: Trivia (at The Forresters, Surry Hills)

I retain useless facts. Very useless facts. Like I can probably tell you what outfit you were wearing when we met and I can definitely tell you who was Deputy Prime Minister during the Great Depression, but I won’t be able to tell you something that’s actually important, like when my next article is due for publication or what time my flight arrives so someone can pick me up. Oh and my grandmothers birthday? Well that’s the day after mum calls me to remind me to call grandma on her birthday the following day. (This is in spite of the fact that I call my grandma once a week for chats and I fly across to Adelaide twice a year to visit her.)


So when my mate K and I decided we should do something more ‘grown up’, trivia seemed like a good idea…

Turns out, I’m pretty shit at trivia. (Ok, in my defense, we didn’t pick the easiest trivia night and we are improving!) But I am good at being ok with being the stupidest person in the room (too many sports questions!) and I’m good at eating schnitzel so trivia and I fit like a glove.

We roped in a couple other mates, a motley crew of other people who also aren’t that great at trivia but don’t really care, and I blessed us with the name “A Trivia Team” and we are pretty good at winning pizzas in the pity rounds – free food is absolutely the best thing in life.

But what if you are not skilled like us and are unable to win free pizzas? Well The Forresters totally has you covered. There are specials every night of the week, but on Trivia Tuesdays it’s all about the schnitty. $12 for a schnitty big enough to feed two of me (which, yes, is a lot of schnitty) plus hot chippies and ‘slaw. Goodbye dreams of bikini body…

As good as the schnitty’s are though, if there is a group of you (four or five), you need to order this:


“WHAT IS THIS MAGICAL LOOKING MEAL?” you ask! Well, let me enlighten you. It is the BBQ Pork “from the Pit” – a whole slab of delicious pork that just needs a fork to be pulled at and enjoyed, plus slaw, hot chippies and buttery rolls to mop it all up… and it’s only $35 which SEEMS like a lot of money… but considering it took four of us to finish it (and we struggled), it’s actually the biggest bargain ever.

Look, you can’t all come to trivia at the Forresters, mostly because there’s limited seating and I refuse to miss out on my chance to score a free pizza every week, but what I’m trying to get at is that trivia is fun and free. (And if it’s not free, then take your trivia elsewhere!) There’s normally prizes, hopefully food-based or drink-based, but other stuff is good too, and if you might even make a new friend… or sworn enemy. Yeah, I’m looking at you, guy who stole my table and then tried to flirt with me later. You may have tried, but you failed, because stealing my trivia table is basically the biggest trivia crime you can commit… not even cheating compares!

One day I hope to win trivia… in the mean time, bring on the pity pizzas for the poor girls who don’t know anything about cricket!