Cheap Thrills – Trivia (At The Dolphin Hotel, Surry Hills)

Hey Cheapskates, I haven’t forgotten about you or abandoned the blog – I’ve been really sick and then ridiculously busy catching up on everything that I missed as a result of being bed-ridden for the better part of the week. Sorry! Anyways, back to business:


So I got a bit addicted to trivia at The Forresters and my team and I are now regular faces around there, but it is one of the harder trivia competitions (so many cricket questions!) and with the many other trivia options in Sydney, we thought we should branch out and trial different pubs and their trivia nights.

This week, after I’d recovered from my nasty cold, we hit up the Dolphin Hotel’s Wednesday night trivia, which held the extra allure of $10 burgers (but more on that later) and a whole new crowd to take on and lose against.

The Dolphin is a much slicker pub than the Forresters, in that it has a much more polished, modern fit out and there is more rhyme and reason to the placement of tables. (Although, the jumble of the Forresters is what I find so charming about it.) As a result, when I initially entered the Dolphin, I felt a little less, welcomed… Luckily, that self doubt was quickly brushed aside when we headed upstairs to where they hold trivia.

The trivia at the Dolphin is, I believe, significantly easier than the one at the Forresters. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy, no not at all – it’s just that these questions felt like something we could actually know, as my friend K put it. In fact, it turned out we knew quite a bit because we came in third! And we won a jug of beer in a mini-round! Take that, everyone who laughed at us for constantly coming last at the Forresters! We know stuff!

The other highlight of this trivia night was, as I mentioned before, the $10 burgers. There’s four options to chose from, including a beef burger, chicken burger and a vegetarian option and they all come with seasoned hot chips and (if you ask), they’re happy to add a pot of sauce on the side for no extra charge.


I opted for the veggie burger, because it was hard to go by something that promised field mushrooms, crispy onion rings and a blue cheese sauce. It was, hands down, the messiest burger I’ve ever eaten. No jokes, I found sauce under my right ear, which I believe is a feat in itself.

While I struggled to keep the fillings inside the bun, I didn’t struggle to enjoy it. The onion rings added a nice crunch, the mushrooms were properly cooked and well seasoned and the blue cheese sauce, which literally went everywhere, was the kind of sauce I’d like to swim in. It was happily mopped up by the chips on the side, which had a fun mix of spices, although could’ve been a little crunchier.

We’re not ditching the Forresters, no, but it’s nice to change it up a bit and we might find that we rotate between the two… No, we’re not selfish at all!

The Dolphin Hotel is at 412 Crown St, Surry Hills. Trivia is on Wednesday and starts at 7:30, I recommend booking a table in advance.