Cheap Thrills: Showtune Sundays

I’m unashamedly in love with the theatre. Ballet, opera, interpretive dance, experimental theatre, community theatre with terrible stage design and even worse acting, if it’s a live performance, I will watch it.

But I have no love quite like musical theatre. Oh Broadway, it breaks my heart a little more every day that I am not performing on your stages every night. BECAUSE I CANNOT SING!


Luckily for me, no one cares that I can’t carry a tune at The Gay Bar’s Showtune Sundays, because the music is just loud enough that you ca carry a conversation while not having to listen to my squeaks and wheezes as I attempt to hit the very high notes in Wicked’s Defying Gravity or the incredibly quick vocal runs from Rent’s La Vie Boheme.

After enjoying Musical Mondays at Splash Bar (now closed) in New York City earlier this year, I started harassing a friend of mine, who is basically the Gay Mafia, to get me a minute in front of all the gay bar owners on Oxford Street as I NEEDED A VERSION OF MUSICAL MONDAYS IN SYDNEY AND I NEEDED IT NOW! Every few weeks, I’d bring it up again, and again, and again… until suddenly, overnight, the goddess Kylie heard my prayers and brought me Showtune Sundays. Thank you, Kylie.

Showtune Sunday’s is the height of camp and, despite the name, The Gay Bar has one of the most welcome, relaxed attitudes when it comes to the heterosexuals. (Because even this sassy, long term fag hag feels awkward at Arq!) So who cares who you do in the bedroom, you’re not here to pick up, you’re here to sing a long with Julie Andrews, Idina Menzel and Sutton Foster.

I actively look forward to 4pm on Sundays because I can’t wait to bust out my jazz hands while sipping two-for-one cocktails on the incredibly chic top level of my favourite Oxford Street haunt. Honest to god, this is where it’s at and if you ain’t there, well then where the bloody hell are ya?

I have a few little gripes though… well, not gripes, more like suggestions on how Showtunes Sunday could be improved… so here’s my lists of a few little things Showtunes Sunday needs to make it the campest place to be on a Sunday eve!

Firstly, a giant screen projecting the clip (or even just the lyrics) of the showtunes being played, so that we all might more accurately sing a long. (Gay Bar, I am available to help you set this up, even if I have no idea how to…)

And secondly, towards the end of the evening at Splash NYC, they would bring in theatre performers to sing a song from the musical they were currently performing in. They had everyone from the cast of the off-Broadway pop opera Bare through to Liza Minelli, belting out the biggest songs from their latest ventures. While musical theatre mega stars are far and few between in Sydney, we certainly have no shortage of theatre and it’s excellent promo for their shows. I AM SURE WE COULD FIND SOMEONE! I will even help make all the phone calls.

Other than that, I am loving what you are doing and I will continue to be there every Sunday until the day where I get to sing a long to the Broadway tune that best sums up my life… unemployed, broke, forever alone:


The Gay Bar is at 231 Oxford St, Darlinghurst. Showtune Sundays start at 4pm every Sunday, with 2-for-1 cocktails beginning at 6pm.