Eat: Whateley Lane Italian Canteen

Eat: Whateley Lane Italian Canteen

At  the beginning of 2013, I attended a wedding in Las Vegas and the reception was held at the favourite restaurant of Frank Sinatra, or one of those old pop legends… I can’t remember, I just remember how amazing the lasagne was. The lasagne that the bride initially didn’t want on the menu, yet everyone who ordered it raved about it. (Thanks C, for letting the lasagne be added to the menu.) It was a massive slab and I struggled to finish it, but it was SO moreish and cheesy and tender that I refused to let a single scrap of it go to waste.

Since then, I’ve been on a mission to find a lasagne like that. Sure, I make several excellent lasagnes (click here, here and here) myself, but nothing stood up to that lasagne in Vegas. Well, mission over, I’ve found that lasagne in the recently opened Whateley Lane Italian Canteen, opposite the Dendy Cinema on King St – and it only cost me $15.


Now I’m going to apologise straight up for the terrible photos. However, as we all know, lasagne isn’t a pretty food. It isn’t designed to be pretty, and as hard as I tried, it didn’t look great from any angle. But the taste? Mind-blowing. There was no shortage of cheese, the pasta sheets were clearly made in house and the meat sauce was tender and perfectly sweetened by the tomato passata.

My dining partner, Z, ordered the eggplant parmigiana ($15), also highly unphotogenic, but still just as moreish. The eggplant had been slow baked and had taken on that silken texture that dreams are made of, layered with molten cheese and the same sweet passata, I almost had food envy (and then I remembered my lasagne…)


We mopped the entire thing up with a bowl of garlic bread ($4), which is definitely necessary if you order similarly saucy dishes when you visit Whateley Lane, because no passata should ever be left to go to waste.


Since I visited, Whateley Lane has teamed up with Dendy Cinemas across the street and offer a $20 main meal and movie ticket deal, which I think is both incredibly excellent value and a great budget-friendly way to spend your evening. I can’t wait to take advantage of it!

Whatley Lane Italian Canteen is located at 280 King St, Newtown