Cheap Eats: The Italian Bowl

Cheap Eats: The Italian Bowl

Wander up and down King St in Newtown often enough and you’ll get sick of Thai food. Sure it’s cheap, but there’s only so many green curries and pad thais one girl can eat before she goes green at the thought of yet another curry puff. That’s where The Italian Bowl comes in handy.


I took my wifey, C, to The Italian Bowl the very first time she stayed at my house in my first year in Sydney and I took her back there recently, because it’s cheap, it’s tasty and it’s bloody filling. (Of course, you’ll still find room for a slice of dessert pie from Pie Tin or a scoop of Gelatomassi after, because there’s always room for dessert!)

Pastas at The Italian Bowl start at a meagre $10, or you can be a bit splurgey and upgrade to one of the $16 seafood options. One option I love is a bowl of pasta and a chicken schnitty for $20, perfect to share (because we’re leaving room for dessert, remember).


It didn’t take us long to decide what we wanted – the Calabrese ($14) had chorizo. SOLD to the girls who regularly wear matching outfits JUST COS. C ordered her Calabrese with penne while I went for linguine and we got a side of garlic bread ($2.50) to share.

They have parmesan and chilli on the table, which is excellent because I like my pasta drowning in both.


The pasta is al dente and they somehow always manage to get the sauce to noodle ratio right, leaving just enough to be moped up by the crust of the garlic bread.

The restaurant itself isn’t much, it’s all a bit fluroesent with zero frills, but it’s always filled with students and families looking for a mid-week feed and is lively with chatter and laughter. Check out the wall covered in signatures, you might spot a famous name or two.

Honestly, if you’re looking for no-frills, delicious grub in Newtown that will leave you feeling like you just got a big hug from a little old Italian nonna, look no further.

The Italian Bowl is located at 255 King St, Newtown

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