Eat: Skinny Dip Cafe

Eat: Skinny Dip Cafe

This week we had some visitors in the office I work in, from one of our other offices in Manila and all week they begged us to take them to Bondi Beach… so on Saturday, with the sun shining (well, it did until about 3pm at least), R and I piled our three new friends into R’s car and drove down to the beach. I complained the entire drive about being hungover (thanks Christmas Party) and hungry, so demanded breakfast happened before beach.

Not knowing the area that well, and trying to keep to a budget, we ended up at popular local haunt, Skinny Dip, which has nothing on the menu over $15 and served all day breakfast, yes this would suit us just fine. Well… me at least, because it turns out I was the only one who wanted breakfast – everyone else ordered lunch!


Hanging out with my new Manila crew

The menu at Skinny Dip has lots of skinny, healthy options for those bikini-concious beachgoers, but my hangover was having none of that, so I ordered the mushroom and roast potato hash with poached eggs, feta and basil pesto:



Having been to several brunch spots recently that stinge you on the bread (hey, just because I’m a stinge, doesn’t mean I appreciate being stinged on the cheapest thing ever!), I was thrilled to received two proper sized pieces of toast. Having said that, I would’ve probably liked more mushrooms – because there’s no such thing as too many mushrooms.

The roast potatoes were crisp on the outside and fluffy in the middle and worked well with the basil pesto and the small amount of sweet balsamic glaze on the plate (next time more balsamic glaze too please!) and earthy mushrooms and feta pair classically, so the whole thing was my kind of hangover food, soaked in tangy poached egg yolks that I spilled all over my food.


J ordered thee teriyaki chicken baguette and while I cannot speak for the chicken itself, my hangover propelled me towards some of the discarded bread which was that perfect balance of doughy centre and crunchy crust. I kinda wished I’d had that breadinstead of my own… The sweet and sour notes of the sauce left behind on the bread had soaked in nicely, leaving soft puddles along the way.

However, the hero of the day was the beef burrito, which JB, G and R all ordered:



Fear not readers, this is not one of those usual cafe burritos that stinge on the good stuff – nope, this was packed with avocado and sour cream and the mince/bean mix packed a flavour punch with cumin, coriander and paprika notes. There was lots of melted cheese and it was exactly what the doctor ordered for everyone else’s hangovers, as they were soon ready to bail and hit the sand…

But not before I ate everyone’s side salads. The slightly creamy, tangy dressing was a little too addictive and yes, I totally over ate. I blame the booze.

All meals ordered were $14 and something cents each, although I was too hungover to remember exactly.

Skinny Dip can be found at 97 Hall St, Bondi – just up the hill from the water.

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