Cheap Eats: Ribs & Burgers at The Star

On Wednesday night R and I went to see Grease (the musical) at The Lyric Theatre and decided to grab dinner beforehand in the Cafe Court, which is the home to several food outlets including Din Tai Fung, Gelato Messina and Adriano Zumbo. Those three are my regular haunts so this time we decided to try something different.

We ended up at Ribs & Burgers… are we noticing a trend involving me and meat sandwiched between a bun? I seem to eat a hell of a lot of burgers, can someone please stage an intervention already?! Anyways, indulging in my favourite past time for meat on buns, I opted for the ‘Original’ burger with American cheese ($12). It came with a ‘pink’ sauce that is an in-house specialty. From what I gathered, it was a mixure of tomato sauce, mayo and it was particularly delicious on their excellent hot chips ($6).


Yes, I said excellent hot chips. I’m fussy about my chips – unless they’re doused in melted cheese and chile con carne (at which point, a little sogginess is forgiven), they better be extra crunchy on the outside and ridiculously fluffy on the inside. Because otherwise, as my mother says, they’re not worth the calories! But let’s get back to the burger:


Check out that burger! The meat was juicy, the burger was sturdy enough to soak up the juices and not disintegrate and they were generous with the cheese, which is of utmost importance. Would I eat this burger again? Absolutely. It thrills me that there are so many quality burgers out there now because, as we’ve already established, I like burgers way too much. I possibly love them/have a sick, unhealthy relationship with them. I might even marry them…

Anyways, Ribs & Burgers is an excellent choice if you’re at the Star and looking for a cheap and cheerful meal. Next time I’m going to try the lamb burger… or the ribs… or maybe just the entire menu. Can’t wait!

Ribs & Burgers is located inside the Cafe Court at The Star, 80 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont

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