Cheap Eats: Bread & Circus

Alexandria is as far south of the CBD as I will go – because it all gets far too industrial and close to the airport and I really don’t like how cold and unwelcoming it becomes… oh and then you hit the suburbs. They might be nice, but that involves going south of Alexandria so… no.

Yes, Alexandria is super industrial in itself, but it’s got little pockets of vibrancy that I just adore, such as the very quaint, hidden oasis that is Bread and Circus.

I just adore B&C, I love the backyard/patio feel of the decor, the fact that they change their menu regularly (never get bored!) and I love that almost everything on the menu is under $15! It’s stinge friendly!

2013-09-01 11.06.50

I ordered a side of haloumi to start my meal because literally, there is absolutely nothing better in this world than haloumi. My friend Mark, his mum knows this better than anyone in the world and that’s why whenever there’s a party at his house, there are PLATTERS of haloumi. Like, enough to basically swim in. I miss those parties so much – why are they so far away? So, because I can’t just get my haloumi on at Mark’s parties anymore, I have to get my haloumi on everywhere else and at Bread and Circus, it is definitely worth getting your haloumi on. No regrets.

2013-09-01 11.07.17

Then I got my banana bread on like nobody’s business because it is excellent banana bread (seriously, I’m so over shit banana bread, it’s only worth it if it’s this excellent) and it comes with more excellent honey. I had honey leftover at the end and yes… I ate that shit with a spooooooon.

2013-09-01 11.06.43

This particular Sunday, I was with my buddy from out of town and she ordered these way too pretty scrambled eggs. She said they were excellent (yes I enjoy the word excellent, but no, I do not like eating scrambled eggs) and we both agreed that three pieces of that excellent bread was not nearly enough. It was soft, chewy and had a really excellent crust. (There’s that word again!)

I was stuffed stupid at the end of that meal but the baked goods at the counter were WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too good to pass up, so I may have gotten a treat to go…

2013-09-01 11.40.34

Several hours later, this is me and possibly the best chocolate chip cookie I’ve had ever. The chocolate to cookie ratio was perfect (way too much chocolate) and it was so buttery and gooey and sweet and honestly, I don’t think you can top this cookie.

Bread & Circus, never stop being excellent!

Bread & Circus is located at 21 Fountain St, Alexandria – in Sydney.

p.s. The photos are just TERRIBLE! They were taken with my old phone (I got a new one just a week ago) and the camera had begun to wig out. lol at phone.

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