Cheap Eats: Himalaya Pakistani Indian Restaurant ordered through Menulog

Note: This is a sponsored post but all views are entirely my own.

Growing up, Friday night was pizza night. I looked forward to coming home and watching a movie, feasting on pizza with the family in our pyjamas. We didn’t have a local pizza joint, but that was mostly due to the fact that we moved around constantly. Of course, back then we had to look up the pizza restaurants in the area through the Yellow Pages and by keeping our eye out for pamphlets in the mail.

Now days, the internet basically takes care of that search for the perfect Friday night take out for us. But when so many businesses (especially take out joints) still don’t have an online presence (the ABS says that only 44% of Australian businesses are online), how are you supposed to know what you’re ordering unless they do the old fashioned letter box menu drop? That’s where Menulog comes in.

While I’m not home as many Friday nights as I used to be as a kid, I still find myself pining for take out once in a while and I love that I can visit one website and get every take out joint and their menus in my area that deliver, with their minimum order and any special deals listed up front so I can make an informed decision and (hopefully) snag a bargain.

I had a pretty big week last week and was exhausted by Friday night. Knowing I had a big weekend ahead of me, I opted to stay in with a friend, M, and Frozen on DVD. We pulled up Menulog (which, incidentally, is number one for online takeaway) before we hit play on the movie and scrolled through our options.

I knew I didn’t feel like pizza, so we settled on curry from Himalaya Pakistani Indian Restaurant in Surry Hills, which is a favourite of many of my co-workers (they do an excellent korma). They offer 15% off your first order, as well as having a loyalty program for repeat orders, so we knew we could get a little extra something and still come in on budget (there is a minimum order of $30 from Himalaya) – that little something was a round of samosas with mint chutney. Perfect!

We also ordered the daal makhani and malai kofta (M is a vegetarian), rice and garlic naan and hit play on the movie. Dinner arrived around half way through.


The daal, which is honestly my favourite Indian dish, was comforting and mildly spiced with a hit of tomato and ginger as back notes. Yes, I totally poured the mint chutney all over it. Mint chutney is my lifeblood.

Malai kofta are dumplings made from paneer (Indian cheese) and mashed potatoes and spiced heavily. They’re then cooked in a creamy, tomato based gravy that I could bathe in, it was so comforting. In fact, I poured the leftover gravy over boiled potatoes the next day for lunch. So good!



I didn’t take photos of the samosas or garlic naan, but that might be because they didn’t last very long… There was so much garlic that I would’ve been the perfect sidekick to Buffy that night. I love garlic.

We definitely over ordered, which suited me just fine, because it meant I had lunch and dinner sorted the next day (nothing like leftover takeout), but with dinner coming in at $15 a head, it was more than reasonable – made more so because of the leftovers.

I love that Menulog takes your credit card online, so you never have to worry about having cash (which I never do) and their delivery time is always dead on. Next Friday, I’m ordering pizza!