Chasing Food Trucks: Monster Rolls

Chasing Food Trucks: Monster Rolls

It’s been a while since I visited a food truck, mostly because they’re never where I want them to be, but by chance Monster Rolls Food Truck was exactly where I was on rainy Saturday, just a short stroll from the Art Gallery of NSW, where I was checking out the Pop to Popism exhibition. So of course, I forced T and H to forget our plans to visit Mary’s and check out the Mambo-esque food truck hanging around outside the courts.

Unfortunately, that day, Monster Rolls was out of their famous beef brisket (which I will be back for), so when T and H opted for the pulled pork, I honed in on the spicy chicken to ensure we sampled the full range of available wares.


As you can see from the photo, my monster roll really was monster! It was the width of my thighs, which is quite the feat because trust me, my legs ain’t skinny. The chicken was coated thickly in crumbs and then fried to a perfect crunch. The slaw was pretty standard, although the pair are a classic combination, so of course it worked – and I really enjoyed the tang of the spicy sauce the entire roll was slathered in, it was all round pretty top notch…

Having said that, the bread was pretty heavy going, being a thick white baguette, and I probably would’ve preferred something a little less dense. Just a little… because I was super full afterwards. (They don’t call them monster rolls for nothing!)

I can’t wait to run into these guys again, if their spicy chicken is anything to go by, I am completely keen for the beef brisket… So I’m keeping my eyes on the Sydney Food Truck app and I think you should too.