Brighten up your fridge with Picsticks

Disclaimer: My first set of magnets were a gift from Picstick.

I don’t have a lot of photos around the house. It’s hard when it’s a rental, there’s not a whole lot of shelves to go around and you don’t want to deal with sealing up holes from nails once you leave. But that doesn’t mean I don’t wish I had photos of everyone I love scattered around the house.


So when Picstick contacted me about their fabulous photo magnets, I couldn’t resist and quickly chose nine photos of my friends and family to plaster my fridge with and I swear I blinked and then suddenly they were in my letterbox, waiting for me. I’ve honestly never had faster delivery in my life!


I was thrilled with how they turned out. The photos are glossy, clear and of a great quality. They were delivered as a ‘sheet’ which were easy to break down into individual magnets, I didn’t have to worry about ripping across any of the photos because it was all done for me.

I’ve since plastered them all over my fridge, as you can see – but fridges aren’t the only magnetic item I own/have access to and I am already selecting nine MORE photos to decorate my little filing cabinet at work with – because life’s too short for a boring filing cabinet.


I think what I love most about Picsticks is how cheap they are. $14.99 for a sheet of nine is ideal for anyone looking to brighten and further personalise their kitchen on a budget.

But wait! There’s more!!! I have a pretty exciting little offer for all Inner City Stinge readers. Picstick has given me a code so that all you guys can brighten up your fridges and other magnetic furniture with these excellent photo magnets.

Just in time for America’s biggest sale,  Black Friday, they have a buy one, get three free. Yes, that means buy one set of photo magnets ($15) and get three sets free. Ideal for Christmas! The code?  GIFT3FREE!