BGF Bake Off 2014

BGF Bake Off 2014

I don’t pretend to be great at donating to charity, I get confused over who I should donate to and often leave it too late when friend’s are fundraising, so my donations are kind of all over the place and generally sporadic. (Afterall, even cheapskates should help those in need!) However, there is one charity I love getting involved with and that’s the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation, who assist people living with HIV/AIDS and are the oldest HIV/AIDS charity in Australia. If you’d like to learn more or donate, you can click here.

I only learned about the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation last year, when my friend Matt asked if I could help him enter a cake for their annual bake-off. I hardly need an excuse to bake, so I pulled out my apron and we created this masterpiece:


And a close up:


That is Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore and Sydney MP Alex Greenwich being outraged and upset by the rainbow crossing being destroyed. As you can see, I’m not exactly a pro-decorator, but the judges seemed to enjoy my cake so much we won second place in our category! Our cake was later auctioned off.

Having made such a statement last year and becoming one of the most talked about cakes at the event, we decided we had to come up with something just as funny and political and that still involved Clover Moore and Alex Greenwich. Luckily, just a few days before the event (which was last Sunday), Clover unveiled three new public artworks, one of which was called Cloud Arch, a tall, ethereal, curvy structure that will tower over the intersection outside Town Hall… So of course, we were going to build our own Cloud Arch and enter it into this years event:


And a close up of our gingerbread Town Hall and marshmallow Cloud Arch (aka ‘Space Noodle’):


As you can see, I had saved our little Clover and Alex figures from last year but replaced their sad/angry faces with happy ones. Unfortunately the black icing on the door melted a little and the clock tower ended up falling through because I didn’t reinforce the roof well enough. Oh well, I still got second place again and raised some cash dollars for BGF in the process when it was auctioned off later that afternoon.

Oh! I almost forgot! Alex and Clover love my cakes and Alex always comes down to show his support:



I know I’ll never win any competitive awards for my cake decorating, as I’m far more interested in baking things that taste delicious (side note: both last years rainbow cake and this years gingerbread WERE delicious) rather than cakes that just look pretty, but I love challenging myself every year to create something a bit silly and different. Plus, I get to help raise some money for a really worthy cause in the process

I’ll be posting the recipe for my gingerbread, which is super easy, later this week. The recipe I use is one I’ve had for several years now and have built many a gingerbread house with it, as well as just making cute as gingerbread people just for fun.

Bring on BGF Bake-Off 2015!

Note: All photos were totally nicked from, with editor Matt Akersten’s permission.