Begin Again

Begin Again

I arrived home on Friday, after four months away at culinary school. If you want to catch up on those adventures, check them out here. I had the most magical time with my brand new French foodie family (pictured above), learned so many new tricks and took a massive step forward to a whole new career… but all great things must end and I’m just as excited to be home as I was to arrive there.

The funny thing about finishing school this time around is that, despite the fact that I’m older and (supposedly) wiser), it’s exactly like every other time I’ve finished school: I’m flat broke and unsure what my next step will be.

At this stage there is only one thing that’s clear and that is that I have less than $200 to my name, a (small) credit card debt and parents who are surely sick of bailing me out and paying my rent yet again. I’m twenty six, for God’s sake! Where’s my normal career with promotions and growth to look forward to?*

I’ve started banging on doors, hoping that I’m not in for another round of long-term unemployment like last time… and the time before that.

In the mean time, there is one thing I can do and that’s begin writing here again, just like before, about my life as a low income (no scratch that, this time I’m broke!) city girl trying to live fabulously on pennies.

So let the fun begin again!



*Actually, I have to say – my parent’s are INCREDIBLY supportive of my dreams and I am so grateful that they continue to have my back. I promise I won’t take so much time to pay you back this time, mum and dad.