Finding bargain meals in your area

Finding bargain meals in your area

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Shop-a-Docket, who I have raved about before and will continue to rave about, because I love what they do.

How much time would you say you spend on Urbanspoon and food blogs every week trying to work out where to eat next? If you have the smartphone/tablet app, you find yourself hitting ‘spin’ over and over again because you’ve already been there and that single $dollar sign was a totally lie – you remember spending a fortune! Where have all the bargain meals gone?

But finding a bargain meal doesn’t have to be difficult – you don’t even need to visit your local Maccas to get a great meal deal. What you need to do instead is to turn your supermarket docket over and have a read.

Dockets are totally under utilised and are an excellent way to save money on those nights where you just can’t fathom cooking. But what about if your supermarket docket has cut the coupon you want in half? Or maybe you just didn’t get anything that tickled your fancy?  Well that’s when it’s time to visit the Shop-a-Docket website

Just type your suburb into the search bar on the home page, select restaurants from the drop down menu and click go. Every single deal that is printed on the back of a supermarket docket in your area will come up and there’s always new ones popping up.

These guys make a goat biryani that is out of this world.

I jumped on the Shop-a-Docket website the other day and was thrilled to find that one of my favourite restaurants, Himalaya Pakistani Indian Restaurant, is offering 15% off dine-in and pick-up take aways. Excellent!

So stop whinging about how expensive restaurants near you can be. All you need is an internet connection, access to your printer at work (because who has a printer at home?) and an empty belly and you’ll be eating like a queen in no time!