Australia Votes 2013: Voting Day Grub

The Australian Federal election is looming, we’re mere WEEKS away (Sept 7 2013) from having to go out and pick between the bigoted bozo on the right or the self-obsessed, unintelligible, power-hungry nut job on the left and can I just say… PLEASE VOTE FOR YOUR LOCAL GREENS/INDEPENDENT/SEX PARTY MEMBER! Please! Ok, enough from me trying to force my political opinions down your throats…

I love voting. I love people throwing flyers and how-to-vote cards at me, I love election advertising and I love the tiny, tiny amount of power that comes with filling out that little white piece of paper (and the very large green piece of paper for the Senate). For a politics major, there is nothing as exciting as election season and by god, this one has provided all the lolz and enough memes to last a life time.

But there’s one thing that the media often forgets to inform us about, as we ready ourselves to elect or re-elect a government for the next three(ish) years… and that’s the sausage sizzle. Because, honestly, what’s the point of voting in this country (where is is compulsory and I URGE you to all go out and vote), if you can’t do it with a snag in one hand and a pencil in the other?


I nicked and edited this sausage sizzle snap from Desperately Seeking Crab, I hope they don’t mind! Go visit their blog.

That’s where SnagVotes comes in. They have a map of all the polling places in Australia where there will also be a sausage sizzle and/or cake stall, to ensure you don’t vote hungry. (Because everyone makes bad decisions when they haven’t had a good feed.) You can even filter by vegetarian options, if you are so inclined.

As is expected, most of the sausage sizzles and cake stand are cluster in the inner-city and suburban areas of the major cities, but many of the smaller towns are also accounted for! I was disappointed to find that not a SINGLE polling place in my electorate is offering sausage sizzles or cakes (and if they have, they haven’t bothered to put it on SnagVotes) and I might have to fill that void, because I refuse to vote sans snag.

This election is going to be a tough one, especially when you have two potential leaders that are both a bit shit and you have to decide which one is just a little less shit than the other. But I fully believe that SnagVotes has made our voting day a little easier by helping us pick the best polling place for us – because who doesn’t love a sausage sizzle?

Vote 1 Sausage Sizzles this election day, vote SnagVotes!


A school in my electorate has registered a sausage sizzle and cake stall in my electorate! YES! This is where you’ll find me on voting day, guaranteed.