A Stinge's Guide to Halloween Costumes

A Stinge’s Guide to Halloween Costumes

Halloween can get expensive very fast – from costumes to getting yo’ drank on to treats for the kiddies who threaten to trick, you’ve dropped a load of cash before you know it!

For trick or treaters, my best suggestion is to stock up on whatever is on special at the supermarket and hand those out. Freddos are cheap and kiddies LOVE them. Go with Freddos. Or just don’t be home, but how dare you even think about breaking their little kiddy hearts like that! GO BUY SOME FREDDOS YOU BIG CHEAPSKATE!

But what of your costume? Obviously, you want maximum impact for minimum cost because hello, getting yo’ drank on is always the priority (as it should be, yes I encourage and promote alcoholism, in moderation of course). So let’s talk cheap costumes…

I usually make mine, which is great if you can sew, but if you can’t… well we gotta think again.

Here’s some of my favourite cheap costume ideas:

1. Toga! Toga! Toga!

I went to a toga party the other weekend and used this tutorial to dress myself. I looked awesome, I actually had some gold rope and yes, I used the white sheet I stripped off my bed moments earlier. This would definitely work better with a single sheet, if you have access to one, but a doubled over queen sheet works too.

Note: It took me a few goes to actually tie it right, so allow a little extra time to get dressed.

2. Jellybeans

Check this girl out, she looks AWESOME and her costume would’ve cost her like… $5, max. A packet of balloons, a clear garbage bag and a JellyBelly sign printed off the internet and she’s set.

Don’t want to be a bag of jelly beans? You could get all green or all burgundy balloons and be a bunch of grapes. If you drink wine that matches the colour of the grapes you are, double the excellent!

3. Anything on this Buzzfeed page…

Click here to see an excellent selection of cardboard box costumes. Cardboard boxes are cheap, craft paint is cheap and you are cheap – so go get yo’ cheap on!

4. French Kiss

I normally roll my eyes at word-play costumes but this one is super fun and super simple! I guarantee you have a stripey t-shirt, a scarf and a beret, or a friend who will lend you all three. Throw in a baguette (perfect for soaking up the booze) and some face paint and you’re ready to rock and roll all night and eat croissants every day.

5. Silent FIlm Character

I love this idea and might just do it myself! All black clothes, grey body paint and maybe a sign with something sassy written on it. This is actually one of the best Halloween costumes I’ve seen in ages!

Silent Film Star

6. Your Onesie

You’re broke, you definitely have a onesie. Just wear it – instant animal costume. Sorted!

7. Something classic…

A sheet ghost, a toilet paper mummy, a witch. These are all easy and cheap to do and they’re tried and tested classics, what’s not to love?

So go forth, get your cheapskate Halloween on and spend your extra cash on well deserved booze*, you and your excellent costume have earned it.

*Please don’t be an alcoholic, just a casual alcoholic.

What are your thrifty tips for Halloween? What are you dressing up as?