Budget Baking: A rainbow cake

I’ll be the first to admit, I fear employment. It’s not working itself that I’m afraid of, but the structure of employment that concerns me.

I’ve become rather good at being unemployed – at waking up when I want to wake up, at finding the best bargains because I have all the time, and at taking on grand projects that take all day and impress my friends…

It’s that last one I’m going to miss the most – and I think my friend’s will too. Actually, I know they’ll miss it! They’ve already informed me that they will miss my grand, usually culinary, statements that I spend hours perfecting just because I can.

Today was one such occassion – I baked a rainbow cake. Yes, just like the rainbow cakes you’ve seen on all the other blogs, the ones with six cakes piled high, separated by layers of white buttercream icing. (Although, my layers of icing were very thin, as I find icing makes one sickly very quickly because it is sooooooo sweet!)


As you can see, it turned out quite the treat (despite the very thin layer of icing) and I was rather impressed with myself! (As were my friends) It was the final touch to a rainbow-themed dinner party we held (inspired by a packet of rainbow-coloured pasta our friend’s mum purchased in Rome) and cutting into it was absolutely the icing on the cake! (oups, a cliche and a pun in one!)

We barely made a dent in the cake, six cakes is actually a HELL of a lot of cake (which I probably should’ve realised, when it took me nearly 3 hours to bake as I only have one small cake tin, because i wanted all the cakes the same size) and I feel a little ill now.

Anyways, this is what I reckon I’ll miss most when I return to full time work – the excitement of a mini project and the satisfaction when it is a success and brightens up everyone else’s dreary Tuesdays!

Rainbow cake, you were a delicious delight!


p.s. For my rainbow cake, I doubled this recipe for cupcakes from Taste and divided it evenly between six bowls (about two cups of batter for each bowl) and baked them in small, shallow cake tins for about 25 mins each (it’ll probably be about 18 in a standard oven, but mine is particularly cold!). I secured the structure of the cake (due to height) using takeaway chopsticks, cut to size.